Beyond The Sea takes over The Red Barn Baking Co. on 47 Bay View

Camden bakery transforms into pop-up bookshop until December 25

Sat, 12/15/2018 - 11:00am

    CAMDEN— December is the season of giving and two businesses are making use of the collaborative model of a pop-up shop in a seasonally vacant space.

    Beyond The Sea bookshop, which had to close in October in Lincolnville Beach after 12 years, is open again temporarily until Christmas. The move was born from necessity.

    “I still had inventory left over from the shop and it was in boxes all over my living room,” said owner Nanette Gionfriddo. “So, I contacted Katie Capra and Dale Turk, co-owners of Red Barn Marketplace in Lincolnville, initially to see if they had any space, but they close up for the winter and go south. Instead they offered me this space on Bay View Street for several weeks.”

    The Red Barn Baking Co., which Capra and Turk also run as an offshoot of the Red Barn Marketplace, sits vacant all winter at 47 Bay View Street; was the perfect solution for both business owners.

    According to Storefront Magazine, there are a number of elements that are critical to a pop-up shop’s success. The location is paramount. Because pop-up shops are only open for a short time, there has to be high-volume foot traffic. Camden’s foot traffic sees a jump every December due to holiday shopping.

    As for the location of her old business in Lincolnville, Gionfriddo said: “I knew it was a challenge, because other local business owners told me that this location wouldn’t do the kind of business you see in Belfast or Camden,” she said. “It’s a beautiful location, but a tough spot for retail.”

    “I have jewelry, new books, second hand books, notecards, puzzles and most everything is 25 to 50 percent off,” she said.

    Keeping her Facebook page still going, a number of her loyal customers have expressed their delight to see the shop open again, even if temporarily. Whether Gionfriddo will re-open a bookshop/sandwich shop in another location permanently is still an unknown.

    “After this, I’m going to get a job and I’m going to use the time to investigate whether there are any other retail spaces that would work for us,” she said. “We kept our restaurant equipment, just in case.”

    To follow Beyond The Sea’s pop up shop visit their Facebook page.

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