Born Weird: Local tattoo artist participates In Oregon art show

Sat, 09/29/2012 - 12:30pm

    Skin isn't the only canvas for Justin Wheeler, a tattoo artist at Siren Song Tattoo in Rockland. Upper Playground, a leader in the contemporary art movement on the West Coast, recently invited him to submit four paintings to be part of an Oct. 4 show on urban art in Portland, Oregon.

    "I'd say half the guys that are in the show are people I've been modeling my myself after, artistically," said Justin. "We keep in touch through social media. I questioned [the organizer] about it when I first saw the flyer for submissions and he said there was no room left. Then he got back to me a week later and said, 'I can't get your stupid paintings out of my mind.' Wheeler said, deadpan. [If  the tone doesn't translate, this is actually a compliment.] "I was like, 'thanks man' and that's how they got into the show." 

    As much as he'd like to go out and be part of the show in Portland, Wheeler said he's got too much to do. He and his wife and co-owner of the shop, Alison Wheeler, will be moving the shop from Main Street by Dunkin' Donuts on Oct. 1 to a private studio above Black Parrot.

    Follow Siren Song Tattoo to see photos of the artwork once the show wraps.