‘I wanted to get my fact-based solutions out there to help catapult others into a life they love’

Ali Farrell hopes to inspire positive change with solutions-based book

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 11:30am

    CAMDEN — Ali Farrell is a self-described serial entrepreneur who has owned seven businesses through her life. 

    Now, the Camden resident is a published author with the summer release of Pretty Combat: Nonsense, Shenanigans and Tactful Life Domination, a solution-based book that addresses issues of personal nature to Farrell. 

    “I’ve had ups and downs of comical proportions, but when it comes down to it, most people out there are going through the very same struggles,” she commented. “I wanted to get my fact-based solutions out there to help catapult others into a life they love. That may sound cheesy, but sometimes even just the slightest adjustment can make a world of difference in someone’s day to day success.” 

    In pitching what readers will gain from the book, Farrell highlighted the opportunity for readers to gain insight on the science behind using mindsets to their advantage, while being provided a personalized plan of action to help diagnose life issues and develop plans for success. 

    “Parenting, relationships, finances, personal and professional success — take your pick and start building,” Farrell said. 

    Pulling back the curtain on Farrell’s drive for the book she calls a labor of love, the book’s writing process occurred during a massive transition period in her life. 

    “Through divorce, figuring out parenthood, and striving for success, readers will get a behind the scenes look at my personal ups and downs, as well as solutions to the issues,” she stated. “Although many struggles aren’t spoken about often, these are topics most people will relate to.”

    Farrell was determined to publish her book hoping her stories will resonate with those who need it, regardless of how personal the nature of the book is for her. 

    The reception to the online book release has been warm with an abundance of positive messages being shared with Farrell. In fact, the reception was so warm, her book topped Amazon’s new releases list in early June. 

    “So far, all the messages I’m receiving from readers are highlighting how it drove them to change different areas in their life, or even just showing gratitude to hear that someone else out there had the same problem, which makes the last few years of creating this book oh-so worth it,” she said. 

    With friends in the publishing industry, Farrell opted to forgo the traditional publishers and self-published her book. 

    “Now that we all have access to literary sales giants like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, self-publishing is a whole new world,” she said, noting she is satisfied with the results of the hard work required in self-publishing. 

    Pretty Combat is only the beginning for Farrell’s new career as an author. 

    After teasing on Instagram in July she is working on a new project highlighting women in the fishing industry, Farrell exclusively revealed to penbaypilot.com the project will be her next book release. 

    “I’m very excited about my current project which spotlights some feisty females in the fishing industry,” she said. “Folks will get a sneak peek into the real lives of the down and dirty world of female fishermen.”

    Those with personal stories, or with connections to those with personal stories, of women in the fishing industry are invited to contact Farrell at prettycombatbook@gmail.com

    Pretty Combat is available on Amazon, Good Reads and Barnes and Noble. In the coming days the book will be available at bookstores and libraries in Rockland, Camden and Rockport, followed by availability in other local towns over the coming weeks. 

    Reach George Harvey at: sports@penbaypilot.com