We Are Fortunate

Posted:  Saturday, January 18, 2014 - 7:30am
- Private group -

Dear Editor,

 We are fortunate: a Superior Court judge has just saved our town a lot of time and headaches in her December 31st ruling on a rezoning case in Portland’s West End. The judge overruled the city’s planning board and city council that had approved the request, stating that it violated the language of Portland’s comprehensive plan and zoning ordinances that prohibits commercial uses in residential neighborhoods.

We are fortunate because a judge has done our work for us. Rezoning Fox Hill will not stand up in court—just as the Williston-West Church did not. The facts in Camden are more black and white than Portland: Fox Hill is a residential property in a residential zone that explicitly prohibits the proposed commercial use.

We call upon the Select Board to acknowledge what is now glaringly obvious: the investors in Fox Hill are requesting permission for something that is illegal. It seems to me that the only choice left for our Select Board is to vote no and move on to the many other important issues in our town: funding our outstanding schools, filling vacancies on volunteer boards, and updating the comprehensive plan.

David & Faith Hague
168 Chestnut Street