Vicki’s View: THANK YOU!

- Private group -
Tue, 11/06/2018 - 7:30am

Today, on Election Day, a big thank you from me to all of you – those who have helped on the campaign, as well as those who’ve had a friendly word for me at their door, or in Hannaford, or at the dump – you name it.  This marks the end of a fascinating period, and the beginning of something else – who knows exactly what, but time will tell.

Thank you to all of my faithful drivers, who made venturing out to the various parts of Rockport, Islesboro and Camden fun and efficient!  We certainly shared some laughs along the way.  Thanks to everyone who helped assemble signs, address cards, and plant signs around the district.  Much appreciated!  Thanks to my husband Ed for making the big wooden ones, and the Knox County Dems (especially Mike Mayo!) for silkscreening the small ones.  And thanks to all of you for letting us put them in your yards!

I’ve had a GREAT support team in my family, my campaign manager Truth Hawk, my neighbors, ukulele pals, church members, CCC members, and my Midcoast Habitat friends. My colleagues at Camden Real Estate Company have been terrific – thanks!  Other brokers around town have given me support as well, and I’m grateful.  Finally, thank you to all for your Clean Elections contributions, and for those who believed in me at the very beginning and contributed seed money.

It’s been a long nine months since I threw my hat in the ring.  I’ve loved getting to know our three towns better, and to meet so many of you.  Here’s to Election Day!

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