“One Less Worry” Director speaks in Thomaston

- Private group -
Tue, 05/10/2022 - 9:45am
Sharon Hobson, the director of "One Less Worry" project based in Rockland spoke at the Episcopal Church of St. John Baptist on Sunday, May 8. This important program provides feminine hygiene products to women in shelters, schools and food pantries. An amazing group doing amazing work. Please remember to bring in items. When money is tight and food even getting food is a problem, there are other items that are also very important and needed that are often not provided or can be afforded. The One Less Worry Project is an important link our community for women. And it was important to hear of some of the stories and how much the program has been able to provide. St. John's was able to raise $800, for the program as well as many items to be distributed.