The Lincoln Home Partners with Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy

Thu, 04/21/2022 - 12:15pm
The Lincoln Home reached out to Dr. Jean Beattie PT, DPT, owner of Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy for suggestions on how to keep residents active and living the vibrant lifestyle they have become accustomed to. In response, Dr. Beattie, along with practice partners Maureen Reed, PTA and Connor McGehee PT, DPT have been teaching a Balance Class  to residents once a week for the last year. Both Jean and Maureen are specially trained as Certified Fall Prevention Specialists by the CDC.
Balance training has been shown to be an important and effective part of fall prevention.  Classes and exercises are designed to improve balance, strengthening and stability. Each person is assessed prior to class participation and exercises are individually modified, if needed.  SBPT staff have noticed considerable improvement in their regular participants.  Besides the wellness benefits, the residents have a lot of fun together in the class. Each participant receives a booklet for individual exercises to do outside of class, if they choose. Once the weather gets warmer, outdoor walks will be incorporated into classes. Once it is safe to do so, Balance Classes will be open to the public to join us.
Beginning this month, Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy, will have a treatment room located on the ground floor of The Lincoln Home. Physical therapy will be offered to individual residents, staff and the public with a referral from their doctor.  With three Physical therapists available, patients can be seen as soon as the referral is received.  To make an appointment, please call Marisa at 207-832-5544 and have your doctor fax a referral to SBPT, 207-832-5507. The Lincoln Home chose to partner with SBPT because of their patient-oriented and personal approach, skilled therapists and commitment to promoting optimal health and wellness to the Lincoln County community. 
The Lincoln Home is located at 22 River Road, Damariscotta. SBPT parking is to the far right of the building, with it’s own wheel chair accessible entrance on the ground floor.