Hurricane Island under a full moon

Posted:  Monday, June 24, 2013 - 10:30am


HURRICANE ISLAND - On the longest night of the summer, the supermoon is out over Hurricane Island, a 120-acre island 17 miles from Rockland (about an hour by fast boat). Known for many years as the home base for Outward Bound, it is now The Hurricane Island Foundation (Center for Science and Leadership), which runs educational courses for students in science research.

Like many of the spectacular islands in the Midcoast, one must be invited to spend an evening by the island's owners or caretakers. Our invitation is at the request of staff, trustees and board members of The Hurricane Island Foundation as I accompany chef Ladleah Dunn (of the "What's Cooking At Sailor's Rest Farm" columns) and her mother, Betsy Dunn, to prepare a special meal for their annual general meeting.

The night before, we set up camp in a simple three-bunk cabin and set out to explore the bedrock outcrops under the supermoon. At 9 p.m., the sun still hovers as a streak of orange over the horizon, even as the full moon is up — and it is probably the most memorable Summer Solstice I've ever experienced. The next day, in exchange for my help assisting with the dinner later on, I'm free to roam the spruce forests, the quarry and explore the intertidal areas in order to take notes for a new book I'm writing.

For adults interested in seeing this incredible island, visit their website for three upcoming Volunteer Days on June 30, July 13 and Aug. 25.

(Aerial photo courtesy Hurricane Island Foundation. All other photos by Kay Stephens.)