UPDATE: Two vehicle crashes within minutes of each other draw emergency response from multiple agencies

Sun, 05/26/2024 - 3:30pm

    Update: More information has been provided by the Rockland Police Dept. 

    In the second crash, which occurred at the intersection of Park and Main streets, Dwayne Robinson, 39, of Waldoboro, allegedly turned in front of another vehicle, causing that vehicle to drive up onto Robinson’s front passenger side tire and flip over. Robinson was ticketed for leaving a travel lane unsafely and failure to have proof of insurance.

    In the first crash, a 17-year-old driver is alleged to have cut in front of another vehicle. According to police, the teen was on Talbot Street heading east through the intersection when the incident occurred. The teen was transported to PBMC for non-life-threatening injury, according to RPD.

    ROCKLAND — Two serious crashes on Rockland streets Sunday afternoon, May 26, during Memorial Day Weekend, occurred within approximately 15 minutes of each other and ultimately drew five emergency response agencies into action, with another on standby.

    Rockland police, fire and EMS were alerted to a motor vehicle crash at the intersection of Broadway and Talbot Street at 1:14 p.m. Early reports indicated that one of the two vehicles involved blew a stop sign.

    One of the vehicles was electric, causing concern for firefighters due to the increased risk of flames created when certain chemical changes occur in a damaged battery. Rockland FD kept a close eye on the vehicle while EMS tended to the people. One person was transported by Rockland EMS, and, when loaded into the rig, was believed to be in serious condition by those at the scene. Information about the second person was not known at the time because a second crash alert had just been transmitted, at 1:27 p.m., this time near the intersection of Park and Main streets. 

    Stretched thin, and with the heightened concern for the electric vehicle, Rockland FD called for Rockport FD to relieve them at Broadway. Rockland Fire Chief Chris Whytock, who had been off duty but responded to the first crash, called for South Thomaston and Thomaston ambulances to tend to the Park Street crash. Also responding were a couple of off-duty Rockland Fire/EMS personnel. With enough people potentially in need of medical care, Knox Regional Communications Center also alerted the on-duty paramedic working for St. George (St. George often provides a medic for South Thomaston Ambulance service). Ultimately, the St. George medic was not needed, and was cancelled prior to arrival.

    The “Squad” fire truck was delayed in responding from the first crash, but when enough authorized personnel arrived, they were able to free the the occupant by using muscle strength to force open a door of a car that had landed on its roof at the entrance to the pharmacy on Park Street. 

    According to Rockland police, the second crash resulted from a car attempting to merge into the next lane over, not seeing that another car was already there.

    One person was transported to the hospital. Four others declined medical intervention. 

    While one on-duty police officer was at the first crash, and the second officer was at the second crash, the PD was alerted to a third, minor vehicle incident near Salvation Army. No injuries were reported. 

    A relief to firefighters, the electric vehicle did not catch fire, though area FD’s have been training to better handle electric vehicle fires. Just last week, 58 area firefighters received training in what Chief Whytock referred to as an excellent training session. 

    Camden Exxon towed the Talbot Street vehicles. Best Rates Towing hauled away the Park Street vehicle at approximately 2:05 p.m.