RSU 40 $81 million bond fails at the polls

Tue, 11/07/2023 - 10:45pm

    Regional School District 40, comprising K-12 public schools for students from Friendship, Union, Waldoboro, Warren and Washington, asked voters Nov. 7 to approve an $81 million spending package. The voters declined the request, 4,166 to 1,370.

    Projects included in the proposed funding package were MVHS renovations, such as a new $9 million front entry addition, and investing in energy efficiency upgrades and maintenance plans at all of six elementary, middle and high schools.

    Objectives laid out by the district are to improve air quality, meet water standards, electrical and plumbing codes, reduce electricity costs and improve building infrastructures.

    The project list includes resurfacing parking lots, building a bus garage, refurbishing the Central Office walking trail, bleacher and hoop repairs at Medomak Valley Middle School, and playground upgrades at Friendship Village School, Warren Community School, and Washington’s Prescott Memorial School.