2014 November Election Results

Rockport residents vote against a new library, placing it at former RES site

Voters approve bond to repair and renovate Rockport Opera House
Tue, 11/04/2014 - 11:15pm

     ROCKPORT — Voters in Rockport voted 989 to 867, defeating Article 8, which asked if residents wanted to develop a plan for a new library.

    The Select Board unanimously recommended the measure pass, but the majority voted against it.

    Article 9 was also defeated, 1,065 to 786, with voters turning down a move to “primarily consider the former Rockport Elementary School site” as a location for a proposed new library. Article 9 was recommended by the Select Board, 4 to 1.

    The Rockport Library Committee also recommended both measures pass, but a vocal group of residents were vocally passionate about keeping the library in the village, even bringing forward potential plans to renovate and expand on the site.

    Articles 8 and 9 are nonbinding, placed on Tuesday’s ballot to establish public preference and present the Library Committee with a direction to follow. The actual work to establish the library’s future will now go before the town for discussion and consensus, or another future vote.

    Also Nov. 4, Rockport voters passed a bond measure to repair and renovate the Opera House, 1,233 to 547. The bond was recommended unanimously by both the Select Board and Budget Committee.

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