Rep. Doudera’s ‘Travolta’ holiday novella generates funds for two charities

Wed, 12/23/2020 - 4:00pm

    On Tuesday, United Midcoast Charities and Midcoast Habitat for Humanity received holidays gift from author and State Representative Vicki Doudera when she presented them with checks totaling $2,500. The money is the net proceeds from sales of Doudera’s novella, Looking For Travolta: A Ghost Story of Christmas.

    The story is a modern Maine retelling of Dickens’ famous A Christmas Carol, set in a fictional town bearing an uncanny resemblance to Camden. Inspiration for the book came from Dickens, along with Midcoaster’s penchant for trying to glimpse actor John Travolta at Christmastime. Doudera wrote it a few years ago and decided in November to self-publish it. Her husband, Ed, did the formatting and daughter Alexandra designed the

    “It’s been a team effort all along,” said Doudera, in a news release. “My family helped get it launched, the nonprofits helped publicize, and the community has made it all work by purchasing and reading the book.”

    Copies are still available through Amazon’s print-on-demand, and proceeds will continue to benefit the organizations going forward.

    “There is so much need out there, and so many organizations are working diligently to make our friends’ and neighbors’ lives a little brighter,” she said. “I’m glad we could help through sales of this book. It’s a fun, fast read with the theme of giving from one’s heart, so it very much feels full circle.”

    Doudera’s book is available on Amazon in a Kindle version for $4.99 and in paperback for $24. Net proceeds will go to the charities. Readers who send Doudera a $50 check will help the charities even more. These “holiday heroes” will receive an autographed copy of the book and an invitation to a special Zoom party on December 21. Partygoers will discuss “Looking for Travolta,” Charles Dickens, and the craft of writing in general.

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