New family-friendly food truck ‘Mac Attack’ sets up in Rockland

Wed, 07/07/2021 - 11:45am

    ROCKLAND—A wild idea turned out to be the smartest thing that Richard Curtis, a lobsterman out of Friendship, ever had.

    He’d never run a food truck before. “One day, I found a truck for sale in Newcastle and I thought, ‘You know what? I’m gonna go buy that tomorrow,’” he said.

    His new food truck, Mac Attack, just opened this past week.  The business run by his fiancée Siearra Cook and his sister, Elizabeth Main, has been only been open a week but is attracting long lines just by word of mouth.

    The menu is kid-friendly with mac and cheese as its staple, tater tots, and homemade grilled cheese sandwiches. With locally sourced fresh lobster initially provided by Curtis, the business’s price points are incredibly affordable at a time when everything from food to apartment rentals has skyrocketed.

    “My sister is the one to come up with the menu and Siearra and she are really the heart and soul of the business,” he said, adding that he lobsters full time out of Friendship, and helps out wherever he can as backup support.

    “It’s super comfort food,” he said. “There’s no place in Rockland to get fast, fresh food, at the prices we have. We’re trying to make it affordable; we want the locals to be able to able to get something like this on their lunch break.”

    The lobster mac and cheese is one of the biggest sellers so far, along with mac and cheese tater tots and bacon cheesy tater tots. For parents of picky eaters, there’s nothing like this around. 

    Curtis said that they haven’t even had time to make a social media site for the business because they’ve been growing so fast.

    “The first day we opened, 15 people just came out of nowhere and got in line,” he said. Unprepared for such popularity, the business has ended up running out of product early in the day a couple of times. “We tripled in business beyond what we thought we’d need,” he said, adding that they are on a learning curve in running a food truck.

    “We’re all new to this and still working on it,” he said. “It’s unbelievably overwhelming but at the same time, exciting. It’s a great problem to have. We’ll figure it out. We’re able to keep up with everything.”

    Curtis said the food truck will remain in Buoy Park all summer and will be until October or November.

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