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Midcoast turns to virtual fitness sessions with familiar teachers

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 6:45pm

    With fitness centers and yoga studios shuttered during the COVID-19 pandemic, area instructors are shifting to virtual instruction to provide community members a way to remain active. 

    “I decided to offer virtual fitness classes at this challenging time, to help as many people as I can, feel a sense of togetherness, in a time of physical isolation,” said Korinn Mowrey of Makin' Waves in Health & Fitness in Hope, who is offering instruction through her Facebook page

    She said the Facebook platform allows virtual attendees to comment during the class, have fun, and joke with fellow attendees. 

    “It's important to keep our health up both physically and mentally,” she said. “We need to boost our immune systems to fight against the virus if need be, and depression is the fastest way to break the body down.”

    She urges her students not only to maintain strength, but to get stronger.

    To help boost the Midcoast’s immune systems, Mowrey is offering both online fitness and nutrition classes. 

    “We made delicious cranberry muffins together, using ingredients containing large amounts of disease fighting vitamin C and anti-oxidants,” she said. “My viewers feel like they're doing something for the cause, by supporting one another and at the same time staying fit and healthy. It's a win win for everyone.” 

    Starting Monday, March 23, Mowrey’s classes will begin on Facebook at 10 a.m., with her letting views know the day before which virtual session will be taught the next day: zumba, powertone, strength training, barre, or nutrition.

    “I keep them guessing until the day before, so they have something to look forward to and then get excited about,” she said. 

    A Thomaston-based Hybrid Fitness has shifted all of its training sessions to be conducted virtually over Zoom, a platform Hybrid Fitness owner Hunter Grindle said allows his instructors to guide members through workouts and provide coaching in real time. 

    “We are even doing ‘virtual high fives’ by putting our hands up to the webcam, said Grindle. 

    Hybrid Fitness is offering virtual training sessions in strength, cardio, yoga, or Pilates from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Those interested in attending a virtual session can email 

    Shifting to virtual instruction was important for Grindle, as a way to ensure members remain on track with their fitness and health goals. 

    “We decided to offer virtual fitness instruction because although we are forced to close down our gym, that doesn't mean that our members should stop being active,” said Grindle. “This also allows us to stay in business and continue to financially support our team.” 

    On Thursday, Grindle announced to members a gym equipment rental program allowing members to rent the gym’s equipment at no cost so they can continue to use their favorite equipment at home. 

    He noted it is key to one’s well-being to stay committed to their fitness routines amid these times, whether the sessions are virtual or simply on their own.
    “I believe it is more important than ever for people continue their fitness routines, whether virtual or not,” he said. “Because our social lives are being limited, the virtual workouts and workshops we are doing help replicate that bond that people have at our physical location. There is plenty of literature out there that links social and relationships to health and well-being.” 
    For those not interested in virtual sessions, or looking for ideas to supplement the virtual instruction, Grindle offered this: “The weather has been gorgeous! Get outside and go for a walk on the breakwater, or hike one of our beautiful mountains!” 

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