Letter to the editor: Stanley Paige Zeigler champions community values

Sun, 08/26/2018 - 3:45pm

It’s about learning. As a high school teacher, school board member, and most importantly a parent, I’m tuned into issues impacting public education. It’s a life-long quest for advocates and opportunities for students. I learn something from Stanley Paige Zeigler at every school board meeting, every chance happening at a local store, or walking through the halls of the capital. He is an advocate for our communities, our institutions and most importantly our kids.

Stanley has proven himself to be thoughtful and patient deliberator. He listens to all members and perspectives, seeking comprehensive understanding. He has worked to enhance educational programing, address evolving economic opportunities, and recognize student interests. He recognizes the importance of public discourse and avoids back channel machinations.

I feel better knowing that Stanley Paige Zeigler is working in our communities and legislature providing prudent leadership, rational problem solving and collaboration. Our solemn task on the school board is to act in the interest of ALL students, regardless of town of origin or election district, despite limited local and state resources. Stanley has proven time again to be a conscientious fiduciary while providing equitable opportunity. Stanley brings this pragmatism to the legislature, working for the benefit of all Mainers.

I love my community. I graduated from Mount View High School and have always considered my community to extend beyond the humble farms and woodlots of Thorndike. Lake St. George is just as much my back yard as the Marsh River Theater, or Hidden Valley Camp. I appreciate the community values that growing up in this region has fostered, so much so that I’ve chosen to remain here and raise my own family. I’m glad that we have champions for those same values advocating for public education and civil government like Stanley Paige Zeigler.

Jesse Hargrove lives in Thorndike