Crepes Crepes Crepes, a new food truck, opens in Thomaston

Did someone say crepes?

Wed, 07/29/2020 - 10:00am

ROCKLAND—Something sweet has come out of the Summer of 2020 and it has rolled out in a pink-and-white food truck with a logo of the Eiffel Tower.

Eric Boyce has always had the dream of opening a breakfast spot; it just has taken awhile. 

“I’ve been in aviation for 58 years, both as a helicopter and airplane pilot and as an aircraft maintenance engineer, and lived in Alaska for 21 years, but with COVID-19 happening, and losing my job in April, this seemed like the right time.”

With his partner, Shirley A. McAfee, Boyce launched the grand opening of his new food truck on July 25, which is parked on the Rockland-Thomaston line (next to The Zack Shack) calling itself Crepes Crepes Crepes.

How did a pilot go from crosswinds to crepes?

“My mother was a French cook who learned under a French chef in Quebec and she taught me to cook,” he said. “I’ve always loved cooking. I ‘ve always loved crepes and have always had tastings at my house. They’re my own recipe I’ve modified over the past 30-40 years.”

McAfee, who also owns a bed and breakfast has the “breakfast” part down pat.

Their breakfast-and-dessert menu comes from Boyce’s many years perfecting the perfect crepe. Their best-selling crepe, so far, is the Banana Nutella with Strawberries, with recipes focused on sweet offerings such as Lemon Ricotta and Cheese and Apple Cinnamon. They also offer Creme Brulee and Flan, amongst other handheld desserts.

“We’re open until the batter runs out.”

-Daughter, Erin Hustus, on the food truck’s hours fo 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Women make up about 75 percent of their business right now, said Boyce, who deliberately chose the pink-and-white theme for his menu and truck. It took four months to completely renovate and paint the camper and turn it into a mobile food truck.

“We have a few bistro tables outside and ladies like to come by with their friends and have coffee and crepes or dessert,” he said.

On Thursdays, Boyce and McAfee are working with Rockland’s Salvation Army to give away free pancakes and coffee to those in need, as a way to give back to their new community.

To learn more about Crepes Crepes Crepes, visit their Facebook page.

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