Knox County Homeless Coalition, MCH/Meals on Wheels

Camden Rotary mobilizes to address pandemic, support graduating seniors

Fri, 04/17/2020 - 11:30am

    Camden Rotary Club has submitted the following statement:

    The Camden Rotary Club has deployed an emergency task force to help nonprofit organizations in Knox County and Lincolnville that are most directly impacted by the current global health crisis. The Club has made funds available to support non-medical services directly related to the economic and human impacts of COVID-19.

    On Tuesday, the Club quickly responded to two urgent requests from the community. The first grant, was made to the Knox County Homeless Coalition to help expand its food pantry, which is experiencing an increase of 150% in demand. The grant will also help the Coalition support 25 families in immediate need to self-quarantine and provide bridge funding for working families who need help until they receive unemployment benefits.

    The second grant was made to MCH/Meals on Wheels to replace the oven that warms nutritious meals that volunteers deliver to older adults and disabled individuals in Knox County.

    The Club will continue to review requests from Knox County and Lincolnville charities. Each request must be limited to $5,000; however, organizations may apply for additional funds if the need arises. To request an application, please contact

    In addition to the task force, the Camden Rotary Club has also deployed volunteers for the Midcoast Rotarians project, a joint effort of the Rotary Clubs of Belfast, Camden, Rockland, West Bay, and Unity. This program provides resources to people interested in donating funds or volunteering to address the pandemic and matches people who need help with those who can offer it.

    Recognizing that this is a challenging time of year for our graduating seniors, the Club is continuing its long-standing tradition of providing scholarships to students with plans to attend post-secondary institutions, including colleges, universities, community colleges, and trade schools. Applications are due May 1, with winners to be announced in early June. Please click here to access the Camden Rotary Club scholarship application.

    About the Camden Rotary Club. Since 2011, the Camden Rotary Club has invested $225,000 in the community via its grants to nonprofit organizations in Knox County and Lincolnville. The Club has also invested in local students by awarding $104,000 in scholarships since 2017.

    Members of the public are invited to participate in the Camden Rotary Club’s weekly meetings at noon on Tuesdays, which are accessible via Zoom. Please contact Diane Lebson at for a password-protected link to the meeting. 

    For more information about the Camden Rotary Club, please visit