• Camden Snow Bowl announces just four more days of skiing left

    CAMDEN — The Camden Snow Bowl has announced there will be just four more days of spring skiing before the mountain closes for the 2014-2015 season. Weather permitting, of course.

    The mountain will be open for skiing and snowboarding Friday, March 27 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, March 28 and 29, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday, April 4 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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  • Trout Unlimited: A cold water conservation organization

    Let’s talk about fishing: Brook trout

    When fly-fishermen think of Maine they probably think of brook trout. A beautiful fish, especially in their fall spawning regalia, it prefers our cool weather and small streams and ponds. Brook trout are not really trout at all; they are char, a related family of salmonoids. Brook trout can be identified by dark vermiculation on their backs, red spots with light blue halos on their sides, an orange belly and white leading edges along their lower fins and tail.

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  • A short review of a long book

    I’ve been Goldfinched

    The Goldfinch begins with 13-year-old Theo Decker and his mother, whom he adores, on the way to his New York school for a meeting with the principal. Theo has been suspended for a small infraction.

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  • Hip and happening events in the Midcoast

    Five things not to miss this weekend

    We’re updating the Weekend Picks format, scrunching it down and providing a quick peek at not-to-miss events each weekend. Away we go!

    The Beatles Come To Rockland

    Friday, March 27 — Strand Theatre, Rockland

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    Girls life in the circle quite different than on the mound

    ROCKLAND and ROCKPORT — Girls in schools across the state are spending the week not only getting ready for action in the circle, but in many cases competing for the role of pitcher. Softball teams have the same one-week period where they can bring in any combination of pitchers and catchers not to exceed 10 players.

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  • On the agenda, March 30-April 3

    Midcoast school business: realignments, transportaton, sports, fine arts

    RSU 71 ((Belfast, Morrill, Searsmont, Swanville and Belmont) will open their March 30 meeting for public comment before turning to business of realignments, relocations, fuel, and extracurricular activities. The other meetings held by RSU 71 this month will be budget workshops for board members and a meeting of the policies committee.

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  • Every decision he makes is guided by the question, ’What is best for kids?’

    Waldoboro heads will be shaved in support of Principal Harold Wilson

    WALDOBORO — On April 3, Medomak Valley High School Assistant Principal Andrew Cavanaugh’s head will be shaved, the result of losing a bet he never expected to win. 

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  • Midcoast Music Scene

    Just Teachers: Advanced music theory chops and epic mash-ups

    Lucky for all of us, the music scene along the Midcoast keeps growing and evolving. This winter, we check in with a longstanding band comprising local teachers and assistant principals.

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  • Teams battle it out in fierce contests

    Rockland Dodgeball: A circus all its own

    ROCKLAND — Near the end of a long night, the Rec ‘N Crew dodge ball team claimed a tournament championship following a final game against the Bench Warmers.

    The Wednesday, March 25, match up, refereed by Rockland Rec. Center Assistant Director Benji Blake and volunteer Heath Commeau, marked a fierce double-elimination finalization to a six-week co-ed dodge ball league at the Rockland Recreation Center. 

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  • The coolest water closets in Rockland...

    ROCKLAND — There’s something very playful about going out to eat and excusing yourself to visit the bathroom, and finding candles softly flickering along the sink, special music playing overhead, special soaps in a bowl or a bevy of whimsical artwork on the wall. We discovered two such unique water closets in Rockland, and learned the story behind them. 

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