• Is the city missing the boat or taking the high road on parks fees?

    In Belfast, a question of when the players should pay

    BELFAST - Members of the City Council on Tuesday sparred over whether to waive the rental fee for two groups hoping to use of the Belfast Boathouse for educational events. The requests were approved by majority votes, though only shortly after the Council unanimously, and with no discussion or fee, approved requests to hold a paddleboard race, two 5K private fundraisers and an Earth Day parade on city parklands and streets.

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  • Industrial arts

    Eva Murray: The last day of winter

    I offer some uninvited ruminations on a few of life's finer things, like community, and spring, and cake, and ice cream — and maybe even snow.

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  • What you pay for (information) is also available for free

    Mainers urged to use caution when searching for driver’s license renewal information online

    AUGUSTA — Despite clear and repeated information about the services provided by Drivers-Licenses.org, Mainers have been calling state officials and complaining when a new, renewed or reinstated license fails to show up in the mail after they think that's what they paid $16.98 to receive.

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  • Avian Haven concludes Winter Wildlife Series in Belfast

    BELFAST — On Tuesday, April 22 at 6:30 p.m., Belfast Garden Club and the Belfast Free Library conclude their free winter evening programs series, "Wildlife Conservation in Maine," with a presentation by Avian Haven Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center in the library's Abbott Room. The talk will be presented by executive director and bird rehabilitator Diane Winn.

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  • From the outdoors

    Spring brings the Midcoast’s first seasonal wildlife sightings

    It's been said that spring arrives begrudgingly in Maine, and that seems frustratingly true this year. Nonetheless, my dear friend Kristen Lindquist reported seeing the first 2014 turkey vultures soaring above Mt. Battie in late February. Fifty years ago, Maine's farm families and the relatively few urban birders eagerly awaited and welcomed the first spring migrants in March. The arrival of red-winged blackbirds, common grackles and American woodcock served as harbingers of spring.

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