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The Penobscot Bay Pilot connects a wide range of communities into a larger and lively online regional network, emphasizing immediate and free access to community news, opinions, public discourse and perspectives, as well as business and citizen participation. The Pilot provides answers, information and resources, establishing a hub around which citizens actively engage.

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Lynda Clancy, a founding director of Penobscot Bay Pilot, has been reporting in Maine since 1984, when she first started covering Bucksport, its mill and union strikes. The beauty and complexity of New England and the Maritimes — their issues, trends, culture and controversies — have sustained her as a writer, editor and photographer. She has yet to tire of chronicling the lives of hard-working and unique individuals, all of whom shape the times here.


Holly Edwards is a founding director of Penobscot Bay Pilot. Tired of Baltimore and Boston, she and her horse, Grizzley, moved to Camden in 1998; while the latter happily spent her days grazing, Holly quickly fell into the multi-job life of a Mainer.

Like most with a computer back then, Holly kept up on community news by reading VillageSoup, which had been launched a year earlier by her father and brother. Striving (in her own mind) to help the site be the best it could be, for a year she annoyed the heck out of VS's first editor, Jill Lang, pointing out the occasional typo and grammatical errors. One typo email too many, and Jill replied: "Holly, throw me a bone. Why don't you just come and work for me." Jill's tutelage combined with Holly's ever-increasing appreciation of community journalism led to 12 years of telling stories through words and photos.

Prior to the launch of Penobscot Bay Pilot, Holly was a vice president and associate publisher at VillageSoup. Her time spent in the Midcoast and on Mount Desert Island lit a fire that refuses to be quelled as completely and efficiently as Maine firefighters can snuff the most stubborn conflagration. There is more to be done to ensure a vibrant, informed and engaged community.


Janis, a Penobscot Bay Pilot founding director, has more than 20 years of sales experience promoting unique businesses, products, and services through trade shows, print and more recently online. Well versed in the opportunities and benefits of online advertising, she puts a lot of effort to stay on the cutting edge of this constantly changing field.

In 1993, Janis left Boston for a oneyear residency program at the Maine Photographic Workshop, now known as Maine Media Workshops + College in Rockport. She had plans to return to Boston after completing the program, but, while headed south on Route 1 in her rented U-Haul filled with all her belongings, the thought of Camden and its beauty began to haunt her. She decided to turn around and make Camden her home.

Nearly 20 years later, Janis and her husband, Steve, are building a passive solar home in Hope. Janis is blogging about each stage of the building process and sharing some of the interesting and amusing incidents that have occurred.

They currently reside in Hope with daughters Kierra and Quinn, Jessie, their black lab mix, a brood of chickens and two guinea pigs. She is enjoying the benefits of this wonderful coastal town and boating on its beautiful nearby lakes. Janis also continues to stretch her artistic vision with collage work when time allows.

She can be reached at 207 706-6656 or janisbunting@penbaypilot.com


Terri Mahoney, sales director, is a founding director of Penobscot Bay Pilot. Terri moved to the Midcoast in 2002 from the California coast. She has been in sales for more than 25 years spending the last eight at VillageSoup as director of advertising and vice president and associate publisher.

Her passion is the community. Terri currently sits on the University of Maine Hutchinson Center scholarship committee. She was president of The Downtown Belfast Business Group for two years, a Rotarian, a founding member of the Maine Celtic Celebration and a Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce director. Terri graduated in the inaugural class of the Midcoast Leadership Academy, and has helped with the marketing for both Habitat for Humanity of Belfast and Harvest Hootenanny.

Terri lives in Northport and enjoys spending time cooking, reading and exploring Maine's beautiful coastline with her dog, Jasper.


Ethan Andrews, writer, started reporting Waldo County news for VillageSoup shortly after moving to Maine with his family in 2007.

He grew up in New Hampshire and Ohio, went to college in New York City to study art and spent the next 17 years there, delivering packages by bicycle, refinishing antique woodwork, taking photographs of traffic intersections for auto insurance claims, working as an electrician, painting paintings, playing in a band and otherwise preparing himself for a career in journalism.

He lives in Belfast with his wife and two daughters.


Kay Stephens, a Maine arts and lifestyle freelance writer, has been covering the Midcoast scene, events, people since 1995. She is the author of The Ghost Trap, a Maine lobstering novel and co-author of Cyberslammed, a nonfiction cyberbullying guide. Follow her Facebook page, The Killer Convo facebook.com/killerconvo   

Favorite Maine Escape: Somewhere sitting on a rock in the middle of a northern Maine lake.  Dream Dinner Guests: Girls Night at a gin joint with Zelda Fitzgerald, Hadley Hemingway, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein, Dorothy Parker.  Motto: Improvise, adapt, and overcome.


Rachel Thomas is a recent graduate of Hendrix College, in Arkansas, with a degree in English. She's worked in journalism and marketing and communications. She enjoys stories about the culture and people, the traditions new and old, that make the Midcoast individual and unique. She's based in Rockland and writes for Penobscot Bay Pilot and the Working Waterfront.


Ari was born in Camden and spent the first 18 years of life his life in his hometown. In 2009, after graduating from Camden Hills Regional High School, he moved to Montreal where he attended McGill University. At McGill Ari majored in political science and wrote for two student publications. In 2013, he graduated McGill and moved to Toronto where he is continuing to study broadcast journalism during the school year. During the summer he takes advantage of easy access to the local outdoors by sailing, biking and spending time on the lakes.


George Harvey has been professionally navigating the sports journalism field for the past five years in both Florida and Maine. He has kept himself busy over the years spending his time in Florida during the fall through spring, and Maine in the summers. He ventured over to the Penobscot Bay Pilot after wearing way too many hats to count at Florida HS Football, Florida's leading site for Florida high school football coverage, and working as a sports journalist at the VillageSoup. He also co-edited the lower school yearbook at his PK-12 school his junior year of high school. Surprisingly, despite his love for food, he has yet to write about food - yet. Aside from food, he loves to keep up-to-date on the latest news surrounding all levels of football, basketball, baseball and softball. The native Floridian prefers all New England professional sports teams, minus the Celtics, over the South Florida based teams, except for the Heat.