LET’S EAT! Outdoor dining at Midcoast Maine Restaurants: Who is offering what?


    Many Midcoast restaurants have had to completely re-think their seating models in the summer of 2020 due to the social distancing requirements during COVID-19 and adapt all of their protocols safely. Here is a comprehensive list of all of the Midcoast restaurants, food trucks, and places that serve prepared foods with outdoor seating. 


    Alexia’s Pizza, Pizzaria. Sidewalk seating. Facebook

    Bell The Cat, a deli/restaurant. Outdoor patio. Website

    Darby’s Restaurant, international comfort food cuisine. Sidewalk seating. Website

    Delvino’s Grill & Pasta House, Italian. Sidewalk seating. Website

    Dockside Family Restaurant, seafood/American restaurant. Patio Dining. Facebook

    Front Street Pub, pub fare. Patio Dining. Website

    Meanwhile In Belfast, pizza/Italian. Patio dining. Guests need reservations. Website

    F/V Must Be Nice, lobster food truck. Public park seating. Facebook

    Nautilus Seafood & Grill, seafood/American. Waterfront patio dining. Facebook

    Neighborhood, American. Sidewalk seating. Facebook.

    Perennial Cider Bar + Farm Kitchen, Local, organic tapas. Sidewalk Seating. Website

    RasDal Falafel, Middle Eastern street food/food truck, public park seating. Facebook

    Traci’s Diner, American, diner. Sidewalk seating. Facebook

    Young’s Lobster Pound, lobster, seafood. Waterfront deck seating. Website


    16 Bayview, Small plates, rooftop bar seating. Website

    40 Paper,  Italian, eclectic bistro. Patio seating. Website

    BLAZE Camden, wood-fired grill. Waterfront deck seating. Facebook

    Camden Deli, deli. Rooftop deck, oceanview seating. Website

    Deirdre’s Roadside, eclectic take out. Limited tables. Facebook

    Franny’s Bistro, American. Patio seating. Website

    Harbor Dogs, food truck, American. Bench, public seating. Facebook

    Hartstone Inn, American, eclectic. Patio seating. Website

    Mé Lon Togo, West African fare, sidewalk seating. Facebook

    Oliver’s Bistro, seafood, American. Deck and lawn seating. Facebook

    Peter Ott’s, American, seafood. Waterfront deck seating. Website

    Scott’s Place, burger, seafood, parking lot seating. Website

    The Jack, small plates. Deck seating. Facebook

    The Smoothie Shack, smoothies, wraps, salads. Limited patio seating. Facebook

    The Waterfront, seafood, American. Waterfront deck seating. Website


    On the Rock Cafe, Breakfast burritos, lunch sandwiches, Tuesday dinner pizza, Friday dinner to-go. Outdoor seating. Website. Facebook


    51 Main Restaurant & Bar, American. Deck seating. Facebook

    Wild Grace Farm, natural grocery store, cafe, lawn seating. Website


    Lobster Pound, lobster, seafood, American. Patio seating. Website

    McLaughlin’s Lobster Shack, lobster, seafood. Waterfront patio. Facebook

    Whale’s Tooth Pub and Restaurant, seafood, American. Deck and lawn seating. Website

    Youngtown Inn, French, deck seating. Website


    The Hoot, farm to table, international. Deck seating. Website

    The Stone, pizza, Italian. Deck seating. Facebook


    18 Central Oyster Bar & Grill, American, deck seating. Website

    Big T Snack Shack, food truck, breakfast, lunch, public park seating. Facebook

    Flatbread Company, pizza, American, lawn seating. Website

    Graffam Brothers Seafood Shack, lobster, seafood, lawn seating. Website

    Main Street Meats, gourmet groceries, sandwiches, patio seating. Facebook

    Market Basket, European gourmet market, deck seating. Website

    La Bella Vita/Clubhouse Grille,  Italian, American, deck seating. Website


    Port Clyde

    The Black Harpoon, seafood, American. Deck seating. Website

    The Dip Net, seafood, American. Waterfront deck seating. Website


    Ada’s Kitchen, pizza/Italian. Patio seating. Website

    Amato’s, food truck, deli. Public park seating. Website

    Archer’s on the Pier, American, seafood. Waterfront deck seating. Website

    Atlantic Baking Co., bakery, cafe, deli. Sidewalk seating. Website

    Brass Compass Cafe, cafe, deli, seafood. Patio seating. Facebook

    Café Miranda, American, eclectic. Sidewalk/patio seating. Website

    Clan MacLaren, deli/soup. Limited outdoor seating. Website

    Claws, seafood, lobster. Waterfront deck seating. Facebook

    Dairy Queen, chain, American. Parking lot seating. N/A

    Dunkin Donuts, chain, donuts. Limited parking lot seating. N/A

    Good Tern Natural Foods Coop, deli. Limited outdoor seating. Facebook

    Hazel’s Takeout, American, seafood. Patio seating. Facebook

    Hole in The Wall Bagels, cafe, deli. Limited outdoor seating. Facebook

    Home Kitchen Cafe, breakfast, lunch. Rooftop deck seating and gardens seating. Website

    Hill’s Seafood Co., seafood. Patio seating. Website

    In Good Company, eclectic, wine bar. Limited sidewalk seating. Website

    Liberator Brewing Co., beer, light-fare menu. Limited sidewalk seating. Website

    Main Street Markets, specialty grocery store, deli. Patio seating and limited sidewalk seating. Website

    Myrtle Street Tavern, American Fare, Outside Patio and Covered Street Seating, https://www.facebook.com/MyrtleStTavern/?ref=bookmarks

    Park Street Grille, American, Southwest. Sidewalk seating. Facebook

    Primo, Mediterranean, eclectic. Picnic tables. Facebook

    Rock Harbor, pub fare. Limited sidewalk seating. Facebook

    Rock Harbor Brewing Co., taproom, pub fare. Picnic tables. Facebook

    Rotary Pizza, pizza. Patio seating. Facebook

    Thai Tugboat, food truck, Thai. Parking lot seating. Facebook

    The Landings, seafood, American. Waterfront deck seating. Website

    The Lobster Shack, lobster, seafood take-out. Garden seating. Facebook

    Trackside Station, American, Pub fare. Parking lot seating. Website

    Up In Smoke BBQ, classic BBQ. Parking lot seating. Facebook

    Wasses, take-out shack, hotdogs. Parking lot seating. Facebook


    Bricks-N-Sticks, food truck, wood-fired pizza, BBQ. Public park seating. Facebook

    Tenants Harbor

    The Happy Clam Pub & Eatery, German cuisine. Deck seating. Facebook


    Craignair Inn, American. Waterfront deck seating. Website

    Crepes Creps Crepes, French crepes, breakfast, dessert food truck. Limited bistro seating. Facebook

    Dorman’s Dairy Dream, ice cream. Patio seating. N/A

    FlipSide Coffee, Coffee Shop/Cafe , Breakfast, Lunch, Smoothies. Shaded patio and sidewalk seating. FlipSideFacebook

    McLoon’s Lobster Shack, lobster, seafood. Lawn picnic table seating. Website

    On A Roll, food truck, lobster, seafood, beer. Facebook

    Station 118 BBQ, classic BBQ. Patio seating. Facebook

    The Block Saloon, American, small plates. Patio seating. Facebook

    The Slipway, seafood, American. Waterfront deck seating. Website

    Zack Shack, food truck, seafood, lobster. Facebook



    Sterlingtown Public House, New American, deck seating. Facebook

    The Pour Farm, nanobrewery, pizza. Deck seating. Facebook


    Odd Alewives Farm Brewery. Brewery, wood-fired pizzas. Lawn seating. Website

    The Maine Kebab, Middle eastern street food. Limited seating. Facebook


    St. George River Cafe, community cafe. Deck seating. Facebook

    Special thanks go to Midcoast Mouthstuffers for putting together a Midcoast Maine Restaurant Menus page.

    If we missed your listing, and you are a restaurant or eatery that sells food that has outside seating (we’re not listing curbside or takeout without seating) please email news@penbaypilot.com with your listing exactly worded as you see above. Town/Name/type of food/type of seating. Hotlink your Facebook or Website.