Town of Rockport

History of Community:
Rockport is a town in Knox County, originally a part of Camden until those two split on February 25, 1891 and the name Rockport was adopted. Later that same year, and again in 1893, it annexed land from Camden.

Lime production was once a major industry and in 1817 three hundred casks of lime where shipped to Washington for use in building the Capitol, recently damaged by the British in the War of 1812.

Since 1889, the Samoset Hotel, then resort, has been a prime coastal resort location, renowned for spectacular and expansive views of Penobscot Bay, distant islands and the Camden Hills rising to the east. It adjoins Rockland Harbor and its breakwater.

The main Rockport village lies further north on U.S. Route 1 and boasts its own, attractive harbor near Camden. The harbor was once the home of Andre the seal, a local attraction and mascot of the community and summer visitors.

The Simonton Corner Quarry is an eleven acre abandoned, water filled, limestone quarry with dangerous cliffs managed by The Nature Conservancy as a nature preserve.

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Community Profile
Population per the 2000 census

Number of registered voters in 2010

Total taxable valuation in 2010

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Total Budget for FYE 2010/2011

2010 property tax rate (per $1,000 of valuation)

25.5 square miles

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