Islesboro storm damage

Posted:  Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 11:45am

From Islesboro Public Safety Director Fred Porter: Islesboro sustained significant damage south of an area called the Narrows, on Main Road. Throughout the night Islesboro Fire Department cleared trees on Main Road, West Bay Road, Ferry Road, Pendleton Point Road, Jetty Road and West Shore Drive. At this time, CMP and town resources are still trying to restore power and clear road ways. Mill Creek Road is closed due to bridge construction at Mill Creek and all traffic from the ferry is traveling West Bay Road and that is one of the hardest hit roads for damage. Power is out to the whole island. Pendleton Point Road, south of the Dark Harbor Shop, has significant utility damage involving trees. As we go through the day we will be updating, as well, Islesboro Emergency Management has our Emergency Operations Center activated.

In addition, one house was struck by a tree causing a hole in the roof and we have reports of trees that have fallen on cars parked at homes.

Finally, we do not have any residents in shelters at this time, and there have been no injuries.