Three arrested in Thomaston bath salts dealing case

Posted:  Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 12:15pm

Story Location:
19 West Meadow Road
Thomaston  Maine  04861
United States

THOMASTON —Tuesday afternoon's arrest of three people in Thomaston on charges related to bath salts trafficking is part of a busy 45 days investigating and charging people for dealing drugs, according to Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Senior Special Agent James Pease.

DEA agents Tuesday seized $10,000 worth of bath salts from the West Meadow Road home of David Reckards, 42, along with packaging materials, scales, needles and drug paraphernalia.

Reckards is charged with trafficking in synthetic hallucinogenic drugs, said Pease.

"We have been aware of the activity for several months, and we've encountered him several times over the past several months of the investigation," said Pease. Police have received complaints of a large number of cars coming and going from Reckard's residence, day and night.

Also arrested at the home Tuesday were Walter Brochu, 32, of Thomaston, and Amanda French, 25, of Rockland. Brochu and French were both charged with violation of probation from previous drug-related convictions. Pease said more charges are likely for Brochu.

Reckards also is no stranger to police, as he was convicted of possessing bath salts in March, according to a press release.

Pease said currently, bath salts sell for $300-$400 per gram, with dealers typically selling the drug to users in 1/10th of a gram doses for $30-$40 each.

He said the prevalence of bath salts in the Midcoast is not as high as it was a year ago, but that there has been an upswing in use and arrests late in the summer and early fall this year.

"The new law passed in September allows us to deal with it a little better," said Pease.

At the moment, Pease said prescription drug abuse and illegal use is the biggest issue facing the community, with oxycodone being the number one problem prescription drug.