The new shop will open on May 27 with signature Red Barn baked goods, breads and cakes

Red Barn Baking Co. in Lincolnville expands retail space in Camden

Posted:  Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 9:00am

CAMDEN—A new shop opening on 47 Bayview Street is sure to make the locals and tourists happy. The Red Barn Baking Co., co-owned by baker-chef Katie Capra and manager Dale Turk, are adding a second retail location in Camden, in addition to their Lincolnville bakery.

Capra worked her way into a baking career while living in Florida where she apprenticed for a year under pastry chef Michael Oldstrander who once worked in the White House at one point in his career. “He was very old school, so I learned doughs, fillings, everything from scratch,” said Capra. “I became his assistant pastry chef for another year before I then left to train at King Arthur Flour’s Baking School in Vermont, so, I’ve had some really good teachers.”

The couple originally bought the house that sits right next to the Red Barn in Lincolnville in 2015 and added in an industrial kitchen off the ell with the intent to provide a seasonal bakery for local residents and tourists. They set their sights on refurbishing the retail area of the Red Barn for the display of baked goods. “It was nerve-wracking first opening this kitchen, wondering if people would show up or not,” said Capra.

Having lived in Camden for seven years before he and Capra moved to Lincolnville, Turk said, “I think what we found is that a lot of people don’t often go north of Camden because their life circles around Camden, Rockport and Rockland. We also knew for a fact that a lot of tourists don’t venture north of Camden as well. So, we felt there was an opportunity to open a retail store in Camden, especially after Cappy’s Bakery Co. had just closed last season.”

The Red Barn Baking Co.’s retail arm will open, Saturday, May 27 in the former space on Bayview Street next to the Maine Dog.

“It’s going to be very similar to our Lincolnville location,” said Capra. “I would like to expand our bread offerings and I’ll also have more of a variety of cakes. We will also provide some savory items, such as, chicken pot pies. We will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 4 pm in Camden and Lincolnville. We will be closed Monday and Tuesday."

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