The Hoot, Northport’s newest breakfast and lunch joint, serves simple, hearty fare

Posted:  Friday, June 16, 2017 - 2:00pm

NORTHPORT — Anyone wondering why they no longer see those garish lime green and yellow colors of the old Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant as they pass Route 1 will be happy to know that the restaurant has been taken over, reinvented and is now open for the season. The Hoot, a breakfast and lunch restaurant, is owned and run by former food truck owner Anna Wagner.

The building is now clad in dark shingles, and adorned by planters of flowers, with an expansive back deck under a canopy of trees. Instead of jutting out like a sore thumb, the new look of the building blends into its more serene surroundings. As we first reported, it’s taken Anna and her family six months to transform the dilapidated building into something that is warm, cozy and instantly welcoming.

The Breakfast and Lunch menu are simple and affordably priced. I chose one of the house favorites, House Heuvos, with two poached eggs atop warmed corn tortillas, homemade chili, sour cream and salsa ($7.50).

Coming off a summer cold, I needed a dish that could break through my stuffy nose and make me glad to be alive again. A hearty breakfast with a punch of flavor of onions, beans and cilantro was just the trick—and there was so much of it, I had to take half home.

The Basic Breakfast (two eggs, toast, house smoked bacon, sausage patty or beans) is already a hot seller, along with The Breakfast Sandwich and Belgium Waffles. They also have at least two vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options, as well. As for lunch, those who frequented Wags Wagon when it was in Belfast will be happy to know their favorite “Wagswich” is back on the menu (smoked turkey breast, bacon, avocado, fresh greens and lemon chive mayo) along with equally affordable salads and soups.

Jon Poto, Wagner’s boyfriend, who is helping with service while they get their footing, said: “We’ve been steadily working on some major changes here. The main entrance is now the opening off the deck, which had to be redone, along with some new windows and paint.”

The hard work has paid off and the interior has a rustic, homey feel with a barnboard ceiling, robin’s egg blue walls, cream wainscotting in the back and comfy couches for lounging. The service, like the meals, is simple and not fussy. You give your order at the front counter and wait at a scarred wooden table decorated. with a vintage tonic bottle filled with daisies and thistles.

In about a week, the side room of the restaurant will transform into a mini market.

“Anna’s parents live and work on a meat farm, so we’ll have local farm-raised eggs and meat for sale,” said Poto. “Our bakers out of Waldoboro will be offering their bread. And Frontier Maple Syrup will be selling their Maine-made syrup, as well.”

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