• Letter to the editor

    By a 54 to 46 margin, Rockport voters approved building a new library on the property of the old library. 

  • Letter to the editor: Alice and William Dashiell

    The Thomaston Library staff and volunteers provide amazing service to their patrons with smiles, competence, and eagerness. They quickly interrupt their various tasks to give you full attention as they provide outstanding assistance.

  • ‘I have heard a lot of tourists say that nowhere they have traveled was there a prettier ride than up the Old Penobscot River’

    No, I never did have a ride on the “Boston Boat,” but I do remember going to meet it when my grandfather came back from Boston. He was private captain for Charles Dana Gibson, one of the five top illustrators in his day.

  • Letter to the editor: Ira Mandel
    On March 2, the greater Rockland community enjoyed pancakes cooked by Kerry Altiero, of Café Miranda, and John and Andrea Gamage, the uncle and aunt of Ryan Gamage, to whom the event honored.  Ryan’s partner, Liz Thompson, his mother, Patti Nichols, and many other
  • if you keep them in water until the leaves emerge, rooted cuttings can be easily transplanted into soil

    A friend once told me that when he first moved to Maine years ago, to try homesteading in the boonies of Montville, his 80-year old neighbor told him that every winter she counted down the days till February 10. Why that date, he wondered.

  • Letter to the editor: Malcolm and Barbara Brooks, Carol Rohl, Gordon Bok

    We would like to offer a letter of gratitude, both for Helene Bok’s vision in creating the Children’s Chapel and for all the people who have carried on that vision since 1962. We are thankful for the