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Dec. 6 Recaps: middle school basketball

Posted:  Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 10:00pm

The Midcoast sports scene was busy with several sporting events on Wednesday, Dec. 6. 

Below are the scores and stats for those contests that were reported to our sports department.

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7th Grade Boys Basketball: Medomak 50, Camden-Rockport 17
(Courtesy Pat Delahanty) 

The Medomak Middle School boys seventh grade basketball team improved to 2-2 on the young season with a 50-17 final score victory over Camden. Medomak came out strong in the first quarter and didn’t look back as they were able to execute on both ends of the floor with a consistent and unselfish performance, truly a team effort.

Noah Lawrence and Wyatt Simmons played well in the guard position creating opportunity for teammates, Connor Light worked hard on the boards and Isaac Simmons made some exceptional passes from the post.

Medomak held quarterly advantages of 16-4, 28-7 and 40-11. 

Scoring for Medomak: 
Jaiden Starr 10
Gaitlin Bedenik 10
Will Cheeseman 6
Finn Parmley 6
Kevin Sincyr 4
Tucker Holgerson 4
Hayden Staples 4
Ivan Murphy 4
Matthew Holbrook 2

Scoring for Camden-Rockport: 
Lucas Moody 14
Wilson Fedarko 1
William Smith 2

7th Grade Girls Basketball: Camden-Rockport 24 Medomak 23
(Courtesy Andrea Williamson and Cheryl Beveridge) 

Quarterly scores saw Medomak hold 8-2 and 10-8 advantages in the first half while Camden-Rockport held an 18-14 advantage after the third quarter. 

Scoring for Medomak: 
Ana Underhill 2
Chelsea Sykes 4
Addison McCromick 8
Madi Karl 1
Emily Prock 2
Madilyn Simmons 2
Quinn Overlock 4

Scoring for Camden-Rockport: 
Molly Shook 2
Molly Hixon 8
Ella Graffam 2
Gabby Genthner 6
Mae Dottie 6

8th Grade Girls Basketball: Medomak 40, Camden-Rockport 25
(Courtesy Lindsay Ranquist) 

Medomak held quarterly advantages of 12-6, 21-10 and 32-14. 

Scoring for Medomak: 
Alyssa Creamer 9
Baylee Stewart 8
Grace White 4
Autumn Ripley 4
Julia Kunesh 4
Autumn Boody 4
Genevieve Thimlar 2
Khyllie Cochran 2
Rachel Gross 2
Iris Casas 1

Scoring for Camden-Rockport: 
T. Jalbuena-Cook 10
O. Ogier 6
A. Kurr 4
J. Benson 2
L. Schenk 2
H. Hustchenson 1

8th Grade Boys Basketball: Medomak 60, Camden-Rockport 49
(Courtesy Micah Williamson) 

Medomak held quarterly advantages of 21-6, 37-17 and 57-33. 

Scoring for Medomak: 
Noah Ludwig 2
Isaak Hynd 8
Colby Brown 3
Trevor Brown 26
Addison Mellor 2
Aiden Sawyer 2
Garrett Hutchins 2
Ryan Jarvis 4
Jake Bickmore 13

Scoring for Camden-Rockport: 
Caleb S. 1
Willy D. 5
Ezra L. 2
Aiden O. 4
Adrian P. 4
Addison C. 7
Ryan C. 25.