Letter to the editor

In support of Nicole Kalloch for Rockland City Council

Tue, 10/05/2021 - 2:00pm

This letter is in support of Nicole Kalloch running for city council.

I have known Nicole for a number of years, back to her high school days where I  was her varsity softball coach for two years.

When she was a senior I asked the team if any of them were interested in being a captain to write me a short reason why they thought they should be considered to be a captain. I still have the note. This is what she wrote.

"I would like to be a captain this year because I think that I have the leadership abilities and the skills that a captain needs. I take this game very seriously and I think that I would motivate the team to make it to the playoffs. I have the experience of being the captain of the field hockey team. I also plan to play softball at Maine Maritime Academy next year. I lead by example, I try my hardest at every practice and game and I work very hard at making myself a better softball player”.

 She was chosen as a tri-captain that year for our team. I was very impressed with her note she wrote and with her  work ethic on and off the field.

  In my opinion she would make a very strong candidate for Rockland council.

  Clyde Pendleton lives in Rockland