Knox County deed transfers

Thu, 04/15/2021 - 9:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from March 29-April 5 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Jennifer Gilles to Ryan Ford and Chelsea Ford.

    Jonathon D. Morgan and Laurel Morgan to Shira R. Greenaway and Andrew C. Greenaway.

    Douglas E. Thomas to John W. Oldrin and Courtney Oldrin.


    Evelyn A. Hughes to Hosmer Valley LLC.

    Sail Power and Steam Museum to Stacey L. Confer.

    Edward C. Libby to Lindsay H. Levine.

    David R. Landry to HB Real Estate Holdings LLC.

    Sharp Cottage LLC to Christopher D. Sharp.

    Christopher D. Sharp to Sail Power and Steam Museum.

    Scott Horty to Forty Three Elm Street LLC.

    Camden RXL LLC, John E. Rockwell Tr. and John E. Rockwell III to Separate Property Revocable Trust.


    Yvonne S. Needham Est. to Loni M. White and Regan K. Dion.

    Seth C. Abbott to Randall F. Mason and Ellen P. Ryan.


    Allen E. Kline Family Trust, James K. Kline Tr., Barbara E. Kline Tr. and Kathryn Ann Dahl Tr. to Barbara E. Kline Tr., Barbara E. Kline Trust, Kathryn Ann Dahl Tr., Kathryn Kline Dahl Revocable Living Trust, James K. Kline Tr. and James Kline Trust.


    Dean Christianson and Deane Christianson to Dean Christianson and Kerry Christianson.

    Scott Horty and Robin Horty to End of the Path LLC.

    Scott T. Horty, Robin A. Horty and Robin A. Jarry to Home Place Farm LLC.

    Scott T. Horty and Robin A. Horty to Blueberry Fields Forever LLC.

    Scott Horty and Robin Horty to Little House of Hope LLC.

    Tracy Ann Lord to Jeffrey S. Clark and Lisa B. Clark.

    Isle Au Haut

    Robert F. Leone, Carol J. Leone and Carole J. Leone to Lindsay F. Leone Tr., Benjamin M. Sampson Tr. and Leone Sampson Realty Trust.


    Roland W. Ames Est. to Martin K. Molloy.

    Owls Head

    Nicholas Gregory and Cynthia Gregory to Toren M. Hamre.


    Candace L. Banks to Henry S. Woodbridge III.

    Jody Fish Russell and Nathan S. Russell to Moira A. Knowles and Rickie D. Fainkujen.

    Nico T. Bourkas to Jaren W. Mitchell.

    Coastal Opportunities Inc. and Coastal Workshop Inc. to Laurence E. Wildes and Johanna I. Wildes.

    John Bragg Tr. and Clarence R De Rochemont Trust to Michael Kamber.


    Ginger L. Desrosiers to Liana May LaPlante.

    Craig E. Nelson to Angela G. Nelson to Rachel L. Coor.

    August 1415 LLC to Zoe Incorporated.

    Susan E. Forster Tr. to Windrush Farms LLC.

    Charles M. Foote III to Walker Hutchins and Ann Hutchins.

    Michael J. Chapkovich, Toni M. Kline and Richard J. Kline to Richard J. Kline and Toni M. Kline.

    Proulx Living Trust and April Buckley Tr. to April Buckley and Joyce Betz.

    Christine E. Davies to John F. McManus and Deborah McManus.

    Richard R. Nightingale and Mary A. Nightingale to Brenda Seeber.

    Ginger L. Desrosiers to Carissa Hope Cotterly and Joshua Daniel Desrosiers.

    St. George

    Dennis Cushman and Rosemary Cushman to Megan A. Cushman.

    TP2 Limited Partnership to Lauren Clancy.

    Richard D. Vermeulen and Lynn P. Vermeulen to Laura M. Bayne.

    Marilyn A. Dennison and Charline R. Dennison to Aaron Dennison and Shani Dennison.

    South Thomaston

    Harry T. Redding, Carolyn A. Redding, Kevin R. Redding and Cheryl L. Redding to Kevin R. Redding.


    Shawn R. Wallace and Salina Marie Wallace to Pamela Barker.


    Stacy Suzanne Kelly to Stacy Suzanne Sweitzer to Stacy Suzanne Kelly.

    David A. Larrabee to David A. Larrabee to Rebecca B. Larrabee.

    Rockland Savings Bank FSB to Come Spring Food Pantry.


    Macadeka LLC to Falcon Land LLC.

    Dale L. Emerson to Brendan Chase.


    Ronald Cousins to Michael G. Feeley.

    Justin T. Bowman and McKenzie E. Wing to Justin T. Bowman.

    Melissa L. Poresky to Michael J. Moody.

    Austin G. Owen to Austin G. Owen and Sierra Joan Sproul.

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