Wellness Wednesdays: Want Clear Skin?

Fri, 03/05/2021 - 10:15am

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Wellness Wednesdays: Want Clear Skin?

Dr. Maloof’s gives her top advice for helping you clear out acne for good!

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and it deserves to be well cared for. Your skin is the barrier to the outside world and helps protect you every minute of the day.

Skin conditions, especially acne, can be burden not only physically but emotionally as well. Skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis are often an inside out problem, meaning there is an underlying cause for your acne. Acne is not because of a lack of a skincare product, but some skincare products can make acne worse.

Dr. Maloof’s Top Advice for Clear Skin

Aggravating Foods: There are many foods that can aggravate or be the underlying cause of your skin conditions. Eating these aggravating foods causes inflammation in your GI tract and throughout your body. Gut health is associated with skin health. Poor digestion of food leads to lower levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which play an important role in skin health as well as you overall health in general. Foods that are aggravating often differ from person to person and can require a personalize nutrition plan.

Sub-Optimal Liver Function: Dr. Maloof calls the liver “the most heroic organ.” The liver is responsible for filtering the blood, producing bile which helps digest your food, removing toxins, and producing certain proteins and cholesterol. Giving the liver support in order for it to do its job at an optimal level helps clear out the toxins that can cause acne. There are many ways to support the liver including certain herbs, supplements, and topical treatments.

Hormone imbalance: Hormones are a vital part of health and if out of balance can be the culprit of skin conditions including acne. There are many hormones in the body such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and more. Creating a healthy balance of hormones supports your skin’s health and reduces acne lesions.

Damaging skincare: There are many products available that are marketed for acne. Unfortunately, many of them contain ingredients that increase your toxic load (overall exposure to toxins in your life from environmental, topical, consumed etc.). Switching to safe and effective topical support for your acne is part of Dr. Maloof’s protocol for patients with acne and she says “this includes makeup too!”

Stress: Chronic stress is associated with acne. As many of you have probably noticed when you’re more stressed are more prone to a breakout. Managing stress is an important part of healing your skin. Dr. Maloof recommends many different stress management options for patients such as meditation, exercise, in-office hydrotherapy and more.

For personalized treatment of your skin condition please call or email us to schedule an appointment or complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Maloof, ND.

**Note: Please consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice regarding any medical condition and before taking any medication, over-the-counter drug, supplement or herbs. This article is not a substitute for medical advice and is intended for educational purposes only.


About Dr. Alison R Maloof, ND
Dr. Maloof is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing at Atlas Naturopathic Health Center, a family healthcare practice in Rockport.  Dr. Maloof believes in treating her patients with a holistic approach, mapping a unique treatment plan based on your needs. She utilizes both modern and traditional therapies. Some of her featured services include: personalized nutrition, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and professional-grade supplements. Dr. Maloof treats many conditions including: skin conditions, tick-borne diseases, autoimmune disorders, GI disorders, anxiety/depression, chronic conditions, men & women’s health, and more.

Dr. Maloof is accepting new patients at Atlas Naturopathic Health Center. She offers complimentary 15-minute phone consults to see if naturopathic medicine is the right fit for your needs.

For more information please visit https://www.atlasnaturopathic.com or call 207-466-9079.