Knox County deed transfers

Sun, 11/22/2020 - 6:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 9-16 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Russell J. Collett and Paula Collett to Ivana Rouse and John Rouse.

    Phyliss K. Lee and Phyliss K. Salamon to Jason P. Ellis and Kimberly A. Ellis.

    Stephen W. Hanscom Tr, Lawrence K. Hoyt Tr, John F. Steele Sr, and John F. Steel to Naomi K. Castner.


    Willard S. Robinson and Barbara S. Robinson to Gordon L. Robinson.


    Timothy Troy Thompson to Melissa T. Smith and Darren J. Hayes.

    Kim Newby Tr, Spotted Duck Revocable Trust, and Li James Tr to Christopher G. Scales and Susan M. Scales.


    Lawrence D. Hooper and Tamra J. Hooper to Parker R. Gassett.

    Julie A. Chaffee to Joseph J. Cox.

    Eric E. Simon and Jennifer R. Simon to James H. Tobin IV and Makaye Addison Stone.

    North Haven

    Stephen Perkins Family LLC to Stephen E. Perkins.

    Owls Head

    Susan E. Guillette and Linda Yanowicz to Ash Point Sisters LLC.

    Richard W. Green, Marie S. Green and John R. Green to Lisa C. Green and William C. Bragger.

    Richard J. Timm and Laura L. Timm to Richard T. Timm Tr, Laura T. Timm Tr, and Richard T. Timm and Laura T. Timm Trust.


    Roy R. Grotton Sr, Linda A. Grotton, and Roy R. Grotton to Candy G. Davis.

    Roberta T. Dawson Estate to Marjorie D. Lindstrom and George W. Dawson.

    George W. Dawson to Marjorie D. Lindstrom.

    Kristin M. Johnson to Kenneth Mallon and Andrew Mallon.

    Compton E. Ward to Mary Elizabeth Ward Juno and Diana Elizabeth Wuerthner.


    Bruce W. Fales Estate to Christian Wincklhofer and Margaret Rizzio.

    Sarah C. Vokey Living Trust and Sarah C. Vokey Tr to Bruce W. Fales Estate.

    M Richardson LLC to Kathleen Marie Sparda Cloutier.

    St. George

    Alfred M. Huey and Barbara P. Huey to Mimi Louise Munson.

    Kevin Martin and Joseph G. Keller to Ashley Ann Thompson.

    St. George/Tenants Harbor

    Elaine M. Beam and Malcolm W. Beam to Evan W. Myers.

    Elaine M. Beam and Malcolm W. Beam to Audrey E. Myers

    South Thomaston

    Anne L. Rowe to Maureen E. Long and Patrick M. Long Jr.

    Jean O. Brooks and Raynold F. Brooks to Marshall T. Perry and Alicia Perry.


    Cathy J. Abbott to David Larrabee II and Donald Larrabee.

    Nichole M. Lorentzen and Nichole Philibert to Jennifer Nichols.

    Sidney H. Seamans Estate to Pablo Espinosa and Kendall Espinosa.


    Rebecca N. Graham to Margaret E. Tuttle.

    Wendy L. Richards to Wendy L. Richards Tr and Wendy L. Richards Revocable Trust.

    Thomas S. Ambler Estate and Thomas Sayre Ambler Estate to Patricia P. Ambler.

    Ella Mae Womer to Annexart Inc.


    Thomas E. Harriman and Jill Harriman to Terry L. Bolan.

    Jonathan A. Burns and Patricia A. Burns to David L. West and Pamela West.

    Monica Crute Estate to Ronald Hall Jr. and MacKenzie J. Hall.

    Bogg Homes Inc. to Kendra Bergelin.

    Frank L. Cochran and Kathryn W. Cochran to Alexander J. Staples and Heather Staples.

    Leroy I. Harrington IV to Ryan O’Donnell.


    David W. Daniel to David W. Daniel and Lisa M. Daniel.

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