Letter to the editor: Judy Street

Charles Pattavina will make a difference in Maine Senate

Thu, 07/09/2020 - 10:30am

I am writing as a healthcare colleague, to support the candidacy of Charles Pattavina M.D. for State Senator from Waldo County.   

Dr. Pattavina is an incredibly reasonable, compassionate and honest man, a rarity these days.

Having worked with Dr. Pattavina for several years I was able to observe and experience his dedication for and commitment to those he took care of, his team and the organization.  He held all to the highest of standards.

His approach to identifying opportunity for improvement or problem resolution was thoughtful and intentional as evidenced by his seeking out diverse opinions, researching data, welcoming open discussion, and always an advocate for those he represented. 

As an Emergency Department M.D. he  witnessed all ages, levels of economic status, homelessness, diverse physical, mental health and opioid addiction challenges.  Having this insight will lend him to be a valuable resource for the legislative body.
There is no doubt Dr. Pattavina is aware of the issues of his county and the State: broadband, road conditions, needed support for the farmers, small businesses, fishermen, taxes, climate change, healthcare, ways to bring business to Maine, not to mention the economic impact of Coronavirus

I truly believe he can and will make a difference! 

He is worth the support of the voters of District 11.  Waldo County and the State of Maine will be fortunate to have such a competent leader in our Senate.  Electing him will give us hope for the long road ahead.

Judy Street lives in Brewer and Dedham