Pay It Forward from Kids

Sun, 04/26/2020 - 6:45pm

    WARREN — A young Warren girl is selling her toys and donating the proceeds to the local Warren food pantry and to the Penobscot Bay Medical Center to buy more personal protection equipment (PPE). Alexandrea Fullerton, 7, calls thus burgeoning foundation, “Pay It Forward from Kids.”

    She told her mother, Christina Kinney-Fullerton, that she wanted to help the hospital because, “the hospital took care of you,  Momma, when you were really sick in November [‘that was kidney illness, not a virus,’ her mother said], and they need our help.”

    Alexandrea added that her Aunt Mimi (Aimee Fullerton) is a nurse and, “helps us all the time.”

    The toys are being described on Facebook, but are first sanitized. Then they are placed outside, with a payment box nearby.

    “She has collected $30 so far for each, total $60,” said Christina. “She made cards for each of the foundations and we are mailing them out today. She is hoping that other children will do the same and donate.”

    She added: “I’m blessed with both my children. I love and adore them and I am very grateful for the care I was given at Pen Bay in Rockland. My son, Jariden Fullerton, is going through his toys and giving them to kids locally, too. I’m here today because of them and my husband’s love.”