Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 11:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds July 8-26.


    Charles D. Smith Jr. and Barbara Hausman-Smith to Charles D. & Barbara Hausman Smith Realty Trust. 

    Norman C. Blake to Norman C. Blake Living Trust. 

    Joseph and Judith Mathieu to Martha Proulx. 

    Randolph A. and Toni S. Mailloux to 169 Back Belmont Road LLC and One Hundred Sixty Nine Back Belmont Road LLC. 

    James M. and Cathie M. Ross to Ross Revocable Trust Agreement. 

    McKinnon Family Trust to Deborah J. Mackinnon. 

    Bryant A. Richardson to Tien and Chau Ton, and Tho Hong. 

    Abigail and Geoffrey Gilchrist to William L. Burford and Margaret A. Pulkingham. 

    Daniel and Michele Gagnon to Mary Ellen and Jeremy Reynolds. 

    Mary Ellen and Jeremy Renolds, and Mary Ellen Jones to Daniel and Michele Gagnon. 

    Carol C. Bisbee Est. to Joshua Povec and Maria Millard Povec. 

    Reynolds R. and Heidi L. Ritchie to Stacey Mosen. 

    Peter M. and Monica S. Dawson to Hadan E. and Reah J. Kauffman. 

    Michael N. and Wendy W. Bowen to Michael A. and Christa W. Bahner. 


    Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Champion Mortgage Company, and Karin Peirce to Sandman LLC. 

    Belmont DMEP LLC to Kard Again3 LLC. 


    Dorothy C. Magoon Est. to Kenneth C. Theobald Jr. 


    Lamar J. and Joan E. Cress to Jeanette E. Ford. 

    Vincent L. Hathorn Jr. and Christa B. Hathorn to Joel A. and Richice Y. Stevens. 

    Jesse and Adam Boyer, James Giroux, Kathryn E. Kelly, and Kathryn E. Boyer to Paul Gross. 


    Wayne A. and Stephen Dunham, and Rhonda Morgan to Evelyn Dunham Est. 


    W.R. Rhea Associates Inc. to Lincoln R. Greeley. 

    James and Jean Fine to Melvin R. Mishou and Elizabeth Owen-Mishou. 

    Allen C. and Letitia E. Downer to Jill E. Reeves. 

    W.R. Rhea Associates Inc. to Tracy J. Ayer. 


    Bradley Connor, and Jonathan and Douglas Scott to Kellie A. Fairfield and Diane L. Rolerson. 

    Eric J. and Zita F. Cambra to Robert J. Vosbnurgh Jr. and Lisa Wolk Vosburgh. 


    Ford Properties LLC to Noah Osborne. 

    Scott McCormick to Ashlee and Scott McCormick. 

    Douglas J. and Robert A. Barlow to Douglas J. Barlow. 


    Richard L. Bailey Jr. to Richard L. Bailey Jr. and Linda G. Bissell. 


    Robert H. Brown Jr. to Robyn O’Neill. 

    James and Theresa Butler to Thomas H. Bassler. 

    John M. and Mary K. Doody to Mary K. Doody. 


    Patricia A. Ballou to Sarah S. and Dennis J. Voda. 

    Holly S. Anderson and Holly S. Edwards to Benjamin R. Lynch and Rachel A. Merrill. 

    Ducktrap Hospitality LLC to New Era 2014 LLC. 

    Patricia J. Miller to David Davison, Pegi and Peggy Miller. 

    Bradley W. and Lorinda N. Boyd to Timothy E. and Nancy E. Wine. 

    Michael M. and Geraldine S. Horn to Daniel J. and Carin M. Sheibley. 

    Bryant E. Butterfield to Jon C. Tobiasz and Annabelle E. Schierman. 

    Town of Lincolnville to Elizabeth J. Dunn. 

    Cathy Lielausis to Leslie, Alma, and Alan Hillman. 


    William D. and Laurie A. Ryan to Barry A. Cohen. 

    Barry A. Cohen to William D. and Laurie A. Ryan. 

    Benjamin R. Hooper to Joseph J. Saltalamachia. 

    Joseph J. Saltalamachia to Forest O. and Susan J. Hart. 

    Denise G. Miller-Singer and Lawrence S. Singer to Catherine Hamley and Reuben Hudson. 


    Kearvelle Friedman Est. to Anna F. Edlund. 

    Kearvelle Friedman Est. to Cordalie J. Friedman. 

    Town of Montville to Doris Dill. 

    Town of Montville to Eric and Lisa M. Grant. 

    Bernard A. and Nancy T. Desautels to Desautels Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust. 

    Raymond E. Cross Est. to Kevin R. and Jason L. Cross. 

    Dale E. and Anne F. Fuller to Richard D. and Luann Lane. 

    Sandra J. Place to Timothy J. and Amy-Sue H.L. Marden. 

    Lawrence E. Thompson Est. to Steven Marriner II and Tina Sanders. 


    Bailey C. Nyren to Cadillac Mountain Realty Trust. 

    Stanwood K. Bryant Jr. and Laurie E. Bryant to Kevin A. Miller and Carissa A. Bielamowicz. 

    Philip Pascarella to 371 Atlantic Highway LLC and Three Hundred Seventy One Atlantic Highway LLC. 

    James and Cynthia Munkelt to Anthony J. Defeo. 

    Cadillac Moutain Realty Trust to Michael and Karen Frances Lotito. 

    Jean Tanner-Rich to Stephan and Elsie F.S. Haley. 

    Donald Stoddard Webster and Lee Kerby Webster to Victoria A. Webster. 

    Harold B. Roy to Kelly Chaput. 


    Daniel D., Daryn C., James, David J., and Brenda J. Dyer, and Kelly Kramer to Daniel D. Dyer. 

    Millard A. Howard Est. to Avery Glidden. 

    Van E. Hertel to Broughman Builders Inc. 

    Amanda J. Worth, Sharon and Gary S. Leeman to Amanda J. and Kevin M. Worth. 

    Paula B. Reynolds Est. to Timothy M., Patrick H., Kathleen M., Brigid A., and Sean D. Reynolds. 

    Holly M. Harmon to Christina M. and Connor G. Quincey. 

    Karyn L. and Randall J. Babcock to Joseph Dickinson and Erika Devine.


    Heather L. Frey and Heather Fray to Mark E. Frost. 

    Jane R. Garceau to Steven W. and Hannah-Nicole Bunker. 

    Cathleen A. Newbegin to Edgar S. Newbegin Jr. 


    James D. and Carrie A. Fortney to Moriah D. Cilley. 

    Dale A. Pendleton to David Hall. 

    Andrew M. Butler to Emily Buck. 


    Randall and Roland Narofsky, and Renee Miliano to Half Moon Pond LLC. 

    Maralyn and Marilyn Harvey to Belinda A. Smith and Maralyn Harvey. 

    Bank of America NA to Peter and Laura Anjos. 

    Ashtyn Ellis to Carol Moody.

    Carol Moody to Carol L. and Damion S. Moody. 

    Ruth Kettner Est. to David M. Kettner. 

    Amanda L. Dickey to Tina M. Dickey and Tina M. Rantala.

    Daniel T. Dickey to Tina M. Dickey and Tina M. Rantala. 

    Jeffrey A. Dickey Tina M. Dickey and Tina M. Rantala. 

    Laura E. Dickey to Tina M. Dickey and Tina M. Rantala. 

    Barbara C. Pearson Est. to Daniel C. and Susan W. Nichols. 

    Dana M. Wardwell to Dana M. Wardwell Jr. and Robin J. Peach Wardwell. 

    Stockton Springs

    Judith H. Warren to Hanna T. Derbyshire. 

    Nicolas J. Gaetz and Katherine M. Kadlewicz-Quatrale to Joseph L. Soper and Danielle P. Bouchard. 

    Town of Stockton Springs to Matthew Francis. 

    Town of Stockton Springs to Michael and Leanne Frisbie. 

    Town of Stockton Springs to Michael and Leanne Frisbie. 

    Town of Stockton Springs to Jean Laier. 

    Town of Stockton Springs to Nancy and Agnes Smith. 

    Town of Stockton Springs to Carla J. Magoon. 

    Town of Stockton Springs to Nancy and Agnes Smith.

    Jeffrey P. Ashey to Jeffrey P. and Suanne Ashey. 

    Georgia Lassor to M.G. Properties LLC. 


    Kyle D. Tripp to Carlene D. Brown. 

    Robert J. and Benjamin Pearson to 19 Beech Hill LLC and Nineteen Beech Hill LLC.

    Simly Maine Land LLC to Christopher J. Walke and Korah W. Soll. 

    Bear Mountain LLC to Robert New. 

    Theodore W. Bormet to Edwin D. Johnson IV. 

    Richard A. Marsden to Richard A. and Suzanne I. Marsden. 

    Richard A. Marsden to Richard A. and Suzanne I. Marsden. 

    Lucille B. and Richard S. Hewitt to Jason S. Hewitt. 

    Dennis Sholes Trust and Elaine M. Lenfest to Dale L. Armstrong Jr. and Brianne E. Johnson. 

    Jesse Kamienski to Loring M. Giles. 


    Pamela E. Wooley to David D. Wooley. 

    Dattilio Family Trust to Nickolas J. Brewin. 


    Walter Gurschick to Charlene J. Grotton and Derek Wilson. 

    Charlene Grotton and Derek Wilson to Jeff J. Bossie and Melinda C. Parlin. 

    Connie R. Carmichael to Sharon A. and Allan E. Leathers. 

    Diana P. Avella to Dennis C. and Sharon E. Picard. 

    William A. Bailey to Sonia D. O. Antunes. 

    Sonia D. O. Antunes to Ryan L. and Lacy R. Hall, and Russell Thomas. 

    Walter Gurschick, Carl D. and Debra K. McCue to Jeff J. Bossie and Melinda C. Parlin. 


    Ryan G. Whitney to Thomas Ciofolo. 

    Sandhya and Susan Maltby, and Susan M. Purinton to Justin Glover and Laura Sieger. 


    Carolyn and Arthur P. West to Sydney A. Dines. 

    Linden Lee to Austen and Jordyn Rene Lee and Austen Lee. 

    James D. Smith to James D. Smith and Deborah A. Gallupe Smith. 

    Norman and Wanda Prouty to Cynthia L. and Matthew R. Trombley. 

    Paul A. Burgess to Arthenaea M. Westwood-Perkins and William D. Auxier. 

    Elizabeth A. Kelley to Wyatt Hurd. 

    Diane M. Murray, Irene R. Payne, and Diane M. Murray-Payne to Jerry Leonard and Catherine McCallum. 

    Chester L. Knights to Sandra L. Knights. 

    Christopher E. Larrabee to Katrina I. Petersen. 

    Alma S. and Leslie A. Hillman to Jimmy Lewis, Autumn King, and Lynne Harvey. 

    Families & Children Together to L&L REHC LLC. 

    William H. Dorrity III Est. to Julie R. Dorrity.

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