Letter to the editor: Kerry Hadley

In support of a good friend, Beverly St. Clair

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 8:45pm

This letter is written in support of a good friend and local businesswoman, Beverly St.  Clair. I have known Beverly and her partner Scott Johnson for over 20 years.   Beverly is an artist, business owner, and a good friend. 

She was my hairdresser for about 10 years before she moved on to other pursuits.

What do I know about Beverly?   She’s a great person – caring, smart, extremely efficient and organized. She’s direct but never rude. She’s as honest a person as you’ll ever meet.   

I’ve been frankly horrified to read the turmoil occurring in Thomaston with the Select Board and Town Manager that has led to Beverly recently resigning. I’m so saddened to see that something that seemed so promising for Beverly, and for the town to have Beverly working on its’ behalf has turned into such a mess.   I know that she approached each issue with a fresh, impartial look. She did her research and asked questions.   Is that not supposed to happen?   

I don’t know the other people involved, but I do know Beverly, and know her well.  

I wish Beverly well as she moves on and am saddened for my neighbor town that might have seen great benefit from her involvement.

Kerry Hadley lives in Owls Head