Letters: Belfast Area High School students

LEF Basket Raffle 2019: Winners and Gratitude

Sun, 06/02/2019 - 4:15pm

BELFAST — Belfast Area High School students in the Liberian Education Fund would like to congratulate the following May Basket Raffle winners: Lindsay Bailey (crafts); Kerri Vacher (picnic); Lindsay Bailey (book lovers); Christine Stevens (cooking); Julie Cook (wellness); Audrey Lagerbom (a night in); Lindsay Bailey (eco-friendly); Willoe Kirkpatrick (a night out); Kerri Vacher (Belfast specialities); and Charity Hall (mystery).

Generous donations from Belfast area businesses made LEF’s May Basket Raffle, our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Heartfelt thanks to Ananda Yoga and Wellness, Bay Wrap, Belfast Co-Op, Blue Alpaca Ranch and Store, Brambles, Chase’s Daily, Colburn Shoe Store, Dave’s Chocolate Drop, Eat More Cheese, Fiddlehead Artisan Supply, Green Store, Kids Unplugged, Left Bank Books, Nautilus Restaurant, Opera House Videos, Purple Baboon, Reny’s, Sail Locker, Sonhado, Vinolio, Wild Cow Creamery, and United Farmer’s Market of Maine.

In January 2007 the first tuition payments from the BAHS Liberian Education Fund were delivered to Liberian students.

We are pleased and honored to continue the work started by Maya French and Kim Ouellette. Currently we support Joseph Fallah Kpoukau as he works to complete his high school education, and to support Amos Lindah, Ericson Sonkarlay, and Jessie M. Tarpeh as they work toward their university graduations.

LEF students meet monthly with co-ordinators Amy Zoryu and Terrence Woods to work on leadership and communication skills.