Dragon Products announces cement plant back in business following devastating fire

Tue, 05/28/2019 - 2:45pm

THOMASTON — Dragon Products Company is back in operation after a fire on March 26 shut down production. On May 10, Dragon once again began production of clinker at the cement manufacturing facility in Thomaston, the company said on May 28.

The primary focus of reconstruction was to restore three stories of equipment used to transport clinker and prepare solid fuel that was damaged in the fire, according to a news release.

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“Dragon crews, supported by several contractor companies, worked around the clock for six weeks to repair and replace building structures, conduit and wires, motors, gearboxes, bearings, material transport equipment, etc. required for operation,” the company said. “Safety was at the top of the priority list. No injuries occurred during the March 26 fire, and Dragon continued to maintain the focus on safety, reporting no injuries throughout the six-week rebuild process.”

“After six weeks of hard work, our dedicated team of Dragon Cement employees and supporting contractors returned the plant to full operational status,” said Plant Manager Martin Turecky. “I appreciate the determined effort by all involved to ensure Dragon’s future as a leading supplier and partner to our many customers in the New England market. Furthermore, I am extremely proud of the Dragon team for keeping safety at the forefront of this project and completing this monumental task with zero injuries.”