Letter to the editor: Rebecca Carter 

Dave Miramant stands on the right side of history

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 10:45am

Dave Miramant has heroically stood up for religious freedom for the people of Maine. 

The government should not strip the citizens of Maine of our sovereignty, bodily autonomy and religious freedom to force a pharmaceutical product into our children. 

Many people in older generations may not realize what has happened to the vaccine program here in the US since the 1980s. We used to get six or eight vaccines as children. Now children receive 26 doses by the age of 18 months and 72 doses by adulthood. There has never been a study done to determine if this many vaccines given so early in life is safe.  Nor have the vaccines been studied in the combinations that they are administered. Additionally, none of the vaccines has been studied in a double blind study against an inert placebo. How can this be? In the 1980s, the vaccine companies approached the US government and said they would need to stop manufacture of vaccines because they were getting sued for harm so frequently and therefore it was an unprofitable product. The US government then granted them legal immunity. If a vaccine kills or hurts your child, you must proceed to a government agency to try to collect funds (our tax dollars) rather than a court of law to try to reach a settlement. Since that time, pharmaceutical companies have been having a field day adding many more vaccines to the early childhood schedule with little regard for the effects to our children’s health. They have grown from being an unprofitable industry to $60 billion by next year. 

The CDC has a system for reporting vaccine injury or death called VAERS. It is estimated that VAERS reports represent 1-10 percent of total vaccine injuries. Last year alone there were nearly 60,000 reports to VAERS of death and injury due to vaccination. Consider that that represents just 1-10 percent of total injuries and ask yourself, what is the real health crisis here? Take some time to look over the side effects and injuries outlined on any vaccine insert and you may be surprised at all of the potential consequences. 

Pharma is a greedy and corrupt industry that has been guilty of fraud and misrepresentation many times over the years. There is no accountability for this product and they have no conscience. Why on earth would we expect that, in this one and only area of product development, they are truthful? 

Parents are taking their babies in to the doctor, trusting the system, and returning home with a different child. God gives us children and they are being taken away.  Let’s start to listen to our neighbors with a loving heart and an open mind. Hear what is happening to children before we let the lobbyists, corporate media and politicians force their products into the bodies of our children. 

Before we take away all liberty and religious freedom from the people of Maine, consider that this is a campaign based on profit and greed, not public health. Healthy unvaccinated or slow vaccinated children pose no risk to our community. Last quarter with all the measles hysteria, Merck raised their profits by 27 perfect. That is the real agenda here. PROFIT driven by fear and coercive government. 


Rebecca Carter