The SATs are April 9 - Last Minute Tips from The Study Hall

Mon, 04/08/2019 - 2:15pm

The finish line is approaching…

You have worked hard to prepare for the SAT. Don’t forget these important last minute details.


The Night Before (Monday)

a. Set out everything you need to bring to the test. These things are:

1. An acceptable photo ID (driver’s license, school ID, passport)

2. Several #2 pencils with erasers

3. Approved calculator with fresh batteries (check list here)

4. A watch (with the alarm turned off if it has one)


b. Decide on your wake-up time (allowing for enough time to eat breakfast) and set your alarm. Get a good night’s sleep.


During The Test (Tuesday)

a. The directions for each section are the same as the ones in the practice tests. If you feel that you know them already you may skip reading them to save time. Remember that there are some helpful equations at the beginning of each math section.

b. Read carefully. What is the question asking? What information is given? If a figure is shown, is it to scale?

c. Work carefully. Don’t lose points on easy questions by making careless mistakes.

d. Do your work in your test booklet. Use the strategies you have learned and practiced.

e. Draw lines through the choices you can eliminate.

f. Make sure you transfer each answer to your answer sheet. Check every so often to make sure you are on the same question in your test book and answer sheet.

g. If you skip a problem, mark it in your test book and make sure you skip it on your answer sheet.

h. Remember what you have learned about pacing yourself.

i. Stay focused. Don’t worry about what anyone around you is doing. If you find yourself daydreaming, bring your focus back to the question in front of you.

j. Think positively. You know what to expect because you have worked through the practice tests. Have confidence in yourself!


Good luck, and do your best!