new temporary wreath license plates for state police

Wreaths Across America: The convoy makes its way down the coast of Maine

Posted:  Tuesday, December 8, 2015 - 3:00pm

CAMDEN –- Long before 2 p.m., Sunday, December 6, many area citizens stationed themselves along Elm Street in Camden. Most were adults, awaiting a convoy of 13 semis and police escorts. Free hand-held flags were distributed in honor of a parade with but a few features: Trucks, sirens and wreaths.

Yet the Wreaths Across America 'parade,' which crested Elm near the library at 2:50 p.m. and was out of sight by 2:55 p.m., held much deal of sentiment to veterans, families, and participants.

Those inside stores continuously peered out the windows, not wanting to miss the event. And on the sidewalks, large crowds of gathered in the sun patches near Bay View Street. In fact, this scene was replicated all along the route, which started Downeast in Columbia Falls, and will end Dec. 12 in Arlington, Virginia. 

This week-long trek to Arlington is part of the National Wreaths Across America, which draws many to Arlington National Cemetery, where wreaths are laid on the graves of those who served. In 2014, Wreaths Across America had more than 160 volunteer trucking companies deliver more than 300 loads of wreaths.

Along the way down the coast of Maine, wreaths were laid in various spots, including beaches and bridges, in memory of Coast Guard, Merchant Marine and Navy personnel lost at sea.

As the convoy rolled down Route 1 from Lincolnville Beach toward Camden, the wailing of sirens and the flashing of lights could be heard and seen for miles, and carried up the sides of the Camden Hills.

State Police are displaying a special license plate on their cruisers this week commemorating the Wreath’s Across America convoy.  Troopers are part of the convoy, which started over the weekend from Columbia Falls.  

The Chief of the State Police said all State Police cruisers will display the new plates until December 13, as the convoy heads south to Arlington.  

The license plates will later be signed by the Trooper who displayed the plate and will be given to families who have lost a service member in combat, or auctioned off with proceeds going to Wreaths Across America. and