Camden, Hope, Friendship, Lincolnville, Rockport, South Thomaston, Thomaston, Warren, Washington....

Wind gusts, heavy ice sending trees and wires down into roadways throughout Midcoast

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 6:30pm

CAMDEN — Power lines have been falling down across the more major Midcoast roads this afternoon and evening, most recently on Route 1 just south of the Camden Hills State Park. Crews were on scene cutting the tree up and removing it from the roadway so that traffic could resume.

With that tree tended to, Camden firefighters were immediately dispatched to an in-town report of a tree falling on wires, that sent sparks inside a home, inside a dishwasher.

“The ground wire on the appliances did its job,” reported Camden Fire Chief Chris Farley. 

The bulk of the sparks occurred where the electrical box was pulled off the house by the falling tree.

Likewise, a tree came down in Hope across the road, and in Friendship on Oyster River Road. Fire departments in both of those towns are removing the trees and Central Maine Power is on its way to the Oyster River Road incident. Another tree on the Razorville Road in Washington has taken down a tree and wires, blocking the road. 

Firefighters were heading there, and Knox Regional Communications Center in Rockland was busy dispatching around the region.

Another tree was down across the Eastern Road in Warren, taking wires with it, as well. Warren firefighters cleaned that mess up quickly.

Earlier in the evening, Rockport Fire Department closed on a portion of Route 90 while Central Maine Power repaired a fallen line there.

Rockport was back on the road on Meadow Street for another utility problem, with a pole on fire in the woods, around 7 p.m. While on that call, Rockport firefighters were notified of yet another tree down on Meadow Street, near Route 90 intersection.

Lincolnville firefighters were tending to a tree on the Beach Road near the Youngtown Road intersection.

South Thomaston firefighters were tending to a tree down on the St. George Road and warned of icy pavement.

The backside of the storm is whipping up gusts and the combination of ice on the trees and wind is creating work for area firefighters tonight. They are moving efficiently, cutting trees and reopening roads.

Meanwhile, Spectrum reports there is a television and internet outage. Which most people know about, already.

“I can verify that there is an outage effecting all Spectrum services in your area,” according to a Spectrum representative. “Our technicians are working diligently to resolve this so you can get back to enjoying your service. I am not provided with an estimated time for repair....”