Karla Doremus-Tranfield

Whom do you choose?

Tue, 01/14/2020 - 8:00pm

Our next president will have to make critical decisions to position our country to succeed through the next decade. I choose Elizabeth Warren to lead us in this process.

Elizabeth has developed a lot of plans, but they all are based on her commitment to tackle the corruption in Washington that perpetuates inequality in the United States. Our children’s generation no longer has the access to affordable education, health care and well-paying middle class jobs that enabled our parents to set us on the path to success. 

I recently knocked on doors in Rochester, N.H., to help remind voters why Elizabeth is the best candidate for president. The responses I received spanned the spectrum from “Elizabeth who?” to “ALL IN FOR WARREN”, with a majority of registered voters who just weren’t sure yet. 

Maine voters are lucky that we have until the Super Tuesday primary on March 3 to make up our minds. If you are still undecided, I suggest you pick the one (or two) most important issues to you and read the policy positions on each candidate’s web site. Which candidate’s analysis of the plan resonates with you? Which candidate presents a comprehensive solution that has specific objectives, a reasonable timeline for implementation, and a sustainable way to cover the cost? 

We have an important decision to make in 2020. I hope your research will encourage you to be ALL IN FOR ELIZABETH WARREN!

Karla Doremus-Tranfield lives in Camden