Letter to the editor: Linda Post

We need Mike Mullins in Augusta

Fri, 10/16/2020 - 9:15pm

I am voting for Mike Mullins for the Maine State Legislature for House District 93, Rockland and Owls Head.  We need someone in Augusta with vision and fire in the belly enthusiasm to bring it off, an achiever for whom two plus two gets you to five.

Mikes innovative vision could convert our abandoned quarries into carbon spongers that reduce greenhouse gases, attract federal grant money, and be a major boom to Maine's forest industry. This is just one of the potential benefits of having Mike Mullins presence in the legislature.

Mike is a conservationist and an advocate for our streams and rivers. Has has launched a nonprofit to give grants to herring runs across the state and wants to make Tennyson Quarry into a habit for sea-run fish. Hos restoration of the Cedar Street Quarry shows he has the know how and vision to actually get it done. Please vote for Mike Mullins on November 3.


Linda Post lives in Owls Head