Lette to the editor: Daphne Lehava Stern

Voting for Democrats

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 10:45am
Everyone knows there are less than three weeks to Election Day. Our responsibility to decide what sort of future we want and will leave to the next generation.  It is acutely obvious that the two options are ideologically opposed, not just in method but in basic human values.
Do we value all citizens human rights, as they are outlined in the US Constitution?  Do we believe that all equal citizens deserve the same opportunities and respect?  
Do we believe that all citizens deserve protection from violence, from, sickness, from poverty, from discrimination, from unfounded accusation?
Do we believe that women deserve domination over their own bodies - not we ourselves but ALL women?  Do we believe that women are EQUAL?
Do we believe that the economy and its health are directly related to the laborer and work of this country?  Do we believe that they deserve the same rights and privileges as the most wealthy, like comprehensive health care, decent working conditions, etc.?
Do we believe that there is crucial value in our relationship with our long term allies abroad - that alliance with them is what maintains balance and peace and efforts that will sustain us through time?
Do we believe…that this precious planet deserves saving…that we must, as a civilization make every effort to stop destroying it - that to err on the side of caution when it comes to global warming, pollution, and atmosphere-sustaining measures, in concert with other countries, is the only way we will see a viable future for generations to come. Do we believe in science - or do we ignore it?
What do you believe?  I believe we can do so much better than we are doing now.
Please vote, whether early, by mail, by hand delivery, or traditionally by casting your vote on election day.  Please don’t say it doesn’t matter because now, more than ever, it matters deeply and far into the future.
I am voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, for all the reasons (and more) I stated above.  I am voting for Democrats across the board because they espouse decent and familiar human values…health, independence, human rights, dignity, economic equity, global cooperation, and the life of planet earth - no joke - the life of planet earth.
Daphne Lehava Stern lives in Bristol