UPDATED: Fire Marshal’s Office determines cause of Greenacre Road house

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 11:15am

LINCOLNVILLE — The Fire Marshal’s Office has determined the cause of a fire on Greenacre Road, in Lincolnville, to be electrical in nature and accidental, according to Lincolnville Fire Chief Don Fullington.

On Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020, Northport firefighters pumped and transported water from a nearby source so that Lincolnville and Camden firefighters could battle a blaze at the home. In the beginning, the extinguishing took on extra urgency since neither responders nor at least two neighbors knew if the house was occupied at the time, or lived in at all.

As soon as the worst of the fire was abated, firefighters conducted a search and rescue on the interior to verify that no one was inside. Investigations conducted after responders cleared from the 10 a.m. fire revealed that a family had been renting the home, according to Fullington.

Lincolnville fire severely damages Greenacre Road house

LINCOLNVILLE — The first firefighter on scene of a house fire in Lincolnville, Sunday morning, May 10, was only a moment or two away when neighbors to the Greenacre Road house reported flames. By the time the responder arrived, a room of the single-story structure was already fully engulfed. 

Firefighters from Lincolnville, Camden, Northport, and Searsmont attacked one end of the modular-type structure, believed by them to be a living area, where flames tore a large hole through the roof. Though that hole allowed for primary flame evacuation, the peeked roof as a whole was actually hiding an interior steel roof as well, according to Lincolnville Chief Don Fullington. Therefore, firefighters created investigative ventilation holes along the rest of the roof to search for any flames that may have traveled up the walls.

“We wanted to get in there and make sure there was no other active fire, so we don’t have to come back tomorrow or tonight,” he said.

Despite the fire being contained to the west side of the structure, the rest of the structure is left heavily damaged from smoke. 

The Fire Marshal’s Office has been notified of the fire, and its current cause classification of “undetermined,” according to Fullington. Another question regarding the incident also remains unanswered.

Once the fire was knocked down, an interior search and rescue operation began. No one knew if anyone was in the house at the time. Further more, according to Fullington, the neighbors who reported the 10 a.m fire didn’t know if the house was legally occupied at all, despite evidence of recent visitations along the property. Another neighbor also stated repeat comings and goings by unknown parties.

The search determined that no had been inside while firefighters were extinguishing the flames.

Lincolville, Camden, and Northport are automatic mutual aid partners. For this incident, Northport trucked water from a water source on Slab City Road. Searsmont was called in as extra manpower. North East Mobile Health stood by just in case. 

No injuries to responders were reported.

All remaining units cleared the scene after approximately 2 hours. 

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