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Two longtime Camden businesses relocate their respective shops

Posted:  Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 3:15pm

CAMDEN – Two Camden businesses are settling into their new locations: Global Packing and Shipping, formerly on Washington Street, moved to 87 Elm Street, while Nature's Choice, formally at 87 Elm Street, has moved to 25 Mechanic Street.

Sarah McLean, owner of Global Shipping, said she was informed by her landlords a few weeks ago they were taking over their space and her business would need to find a new location. They had occupied that space for 17 years.

"It was a bit challenging, but we were able to make it work," she said. "I'm ecstatic about the new location [in the former Nature’s Choice shop]. We have plenty of designated parking, great visibility and truck access for FedEx and UPS."

McLean said they have plenty of space now to pack valuables and it is coming into that busy season.

"We do the shipping for Thomaston Place Auction Gallery and we'll have two auctions between now and the end of the year," she said. "We will probably process hundreds, maybe even thousands, of holiday packages this year."

Christmas falls on a Monday this year.

She said packages come in both wrapped and unwrapped.

"We certainly can offer all packaging services," McLean said. "Antiques to artwork, envelopes to automobiles is one of our tag lines. People can bring in things they have self-packed and we go through it with them to make sure it is safe."

Shippers are particular about how a package must be wrapped.

"FedEx and UPS are very specific about their standards," she said, "not only for safety, but for ease of handling, coming on and off the truck, as well as their conveyor belts."

But people still like to wrap in brown paper and string.

"They don't like to see that anymore," she said. "Even duct tape is not allowed because it gets caught on the conveyor belts and then the label comes off."

Venita Robertson, owner of Nature's Choice, moved to 25 Mechanic Street and changed the name of her store to The New Natural. Her new space had formerly been occupied by Manny's and Karyl's, next to the Bagel Café.

"The space is smaller," she said, "And that helps with overhead. I actually have most of the things I carried in the previous location, except groceries, of course, and we’re downtown. There were a bunch of things that worked out about the location."

Robertson said she has been open but one week and it has been busy.

"People mostly buy supplements," she said. "That and cold and flu remedies. Essential oils — the ones by Avena are really popular — and first aid things."

The cozy space is warm and inviting.

"I'm thinking of doing an early-bird day," she said. "The Bagel Café opens very early, so I was thinking about opening around 7 a.m. We would give a percentage off for early-bird people, but I haven't decided which day of the week that will be yet."

We wish The New Natural and Global Packing and Shipping good luck in their new locations.