Tulsi and Yang 2020 party at Waterworks Pub

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Citizens interested in 2020 Presidential candidates Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard are invited to an informal gathering in the East Room at the Waterworks Pub in Rockland, starting at 5 p.m., Thursday, October 17.
The event will begin as a cocktail party with drinks available from the bar. At 6 p.m. those who wish to stay for dinner will sit around a common table and will be able to order from the pub's menu.
“This is not an official campaign event for either Tulsi or Yang," said organizer Joe Steinberger, in a news release. “It is just a chance for those of us who have been attracted to their candidacy to meet each other and talk about our best hopes for the future. Maybe something more will come out of it, but we have no agenda except to enjoy getting to know each other.”
Yang and Gabbard are among the 12 candidates in the October Democratic primary debate.
Gabbard has emphasized her experience as a soldier deployed to Iraq, which has led her to pledge to end "regime change wars" and to develop a constructive relationship with Russia and China to end the new cold war that threatens humanity with nuclear annihilation.
Yang has focused on domestic policy and has proposed to stir the pot of income distribution with a monthly $1000 “freedom dividend” to every adult citizen, financed by a 10% value added tax.
“Yang and Gabbard have very different emphases,” said Steinberger. “But their views are entirely compatible - peace and social justice. And both are young, sincere, and independent of the tribal politics in Washington. They are inspiring breaths of fresh air.”
The October 17 gathering is open to the public. The Waterworks Pub is at 7 Lindsey Street in Rockland. 
Persons wishing to learn more are invited to email joe@interhuman.org


Event Date: 

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 5:00pm


waterworks pub
rockland  Maine
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