Treasures abound for Belfast’s annual Ice Festival, including an icy Joy Duck

Event includes second annual Maine Ice Carving Championship
Sun, 02/26/2023 - 9:15am

    BELFAST — The streets of Belfast were filled with visitors bundled up against the cold day in order to participate in the the third Annual Ice Festival, which is taking place this weekend, Feb.24-26. The treasures of the day are scattered throughout the streets, including a lobster carved to perfection, a fish out of water, and a unicorn among others, all carved from blocks of ice.

    There are maps available for those who who prefer to know where each ice sculpture is located, though many who visited Belfast on Saturday seemed content just to meander down Main Street and stumble upon the glistening works of art. The second annual Maine State Ice Carving Championship also took place Saturday, with spectators able to watch artists transform blocks of ice into whatever they desire. 

    At the end of Main Street there were horse-drawn carriage rides for those interested and a large line formed of those eager for their chance. Nearby sat a sculpture of an icon more commonly thought of during the summertime; the Joy Duck, this time carved from ice and staring out at the harbor. 

    The Ice Festival continues today, Sunday, Feb. 26. 

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