letter to the editor Jackson Chadwick

Time to call it quits, Sen. Susan Collins

Thu, 01/23/2020 - 12:45pm

Dear Sen. Susan Collins: My name is Jackson Chadwick and I am from the beautiful town of Camden, in Midcoast Maine. Currently, I am at Suffolk University in Boston studying political science and legal studies with a concentration in public policy and law and a minor in environmental studies. I have long been passionate about politics, our democratic process, and supporting the right people to represent us.

You have served in the Senate longer than I have been alive, and while you are knowledgeable and informed of many matters at hand, you have continued, particularly under the Trump administration, to make decisions and cast votes that do not reflect the interests of many Maine people.

During your past three re-election campaigns, you managed to raise an impressive $15-plus million combined. But large portions of that $15-plus million came from special interests, PACs, and SuperPACs; mainly from outside of Maine.

Since your election to the Senate in 1996, you have slowly, but undoubtedly, become a part of Washington, D.C., and less of a part of us, your home, our Maine.

It is evident based on what I’ve already written that I will not support your campaign for re-election. As of this time, I will support the Democratic nominee, whoever that may be. And I know a handful of others, Democrats and Independents, who have supported you in the past, that will never support you again. Your failure to be clear and consistent on issues is exhausting.

Thousands of Mainers are ready to elect someone new, with a fresh, younger perspective, who will bring Maine’s voice to Washington, not the voice of the GOP, the party of cowards, your party.

Thanks for nothing,

Jackson Chadwick lives in Camden