Support for Jan Dodge

Fri, 07/01/2022 - 8:45pm

I’m pleased to add my voice to the many supporters of Jan Dodge’s re-election to the State House of Representatives from the 39th District, including the towns of Belfast, Northport, and Belmont.

During her two terms, I have found her to be extremely responsive whenever I’ve contacted her about an issue or a bill before the legislature. It has been a joy to see her by my side in calling for a woman’s right to choose when or whether to have an abortion, sensible gun safety legislation, LGBTQ+ rights and protections, and Tribal sovereignty. I know Jan is there for all of us in promoting good educational policy and supporting provisions for aging well here in Waldo County.

In taking on the considerable responsibilities of a Maine legislator, Jan has shown us her lively intelligence and seemingly boundless energy. She has definitely earned a third term.  Let’s make sure she has our full support in November!

Diane Oltarzewski lives in Belfast